Picking the Perfect Wedding Ring

Searching for the perfect wedding ring is a joyous event but it can quickly become a daunting task with all of the endless possibilities available on the market. Which one is the right one? Of course, a budget is a big factor in selecting the perfect wedding band. Gold will cost more than stainless steel wedding bands and white gold is even more expensive. Alternatively, titanium can be significantly less if the design is a simple one. Once a budget has been decided, the process becomes much easier. Below is a collection of tips to make the search for the perfect wedding band a lot less stressful.

Plan Ahead

Before heading out to the nearest jeweler, be sure to sort out what type of ring is desired. What elements does the engagement have in it? What type of metal is it made out of? Maybe matching the wedding band to the engagement ring isn’t desirable to the person receiving it. Deciding on what the ideal ring is before looking for it will shed a lot of unnecessary stress.

Buy a Set

The easiest way to choose the perfect wedding band is to purchase the both the engagement ring and wedding band together. This way the two rings are guaranteed to compliment each other. Why spend all that time browsing different stores and hundreds of varying designs when it’s possible to save time (and sometimes money) getting them both at the same time? Shop smart and save time finding the perfect wedding band.

Don’t Wait Last Minute

Jewelers can sometimes make mistakes which is why it is so important not to wait until the last minute to try on rings and record proper sizing.  Best to begin trying on rings at least a few months in advance to give plenty of time to return incorrect ring sizes and browse through different designs from different jewelers.

Inspect for Quality

After selecting the perfect wedding ring double-check for quality. Jewelers leave two marks inside the band of all well-made rings (not just wedding bands) to show they stand behind each ring they create. If the marks are not there it might be a good idea to continue shopping around a bit more before making a concrete decision on the perfect wedding band.


Most jewelers offer the option to clean wedding bands and engagement rings for free if proof of purchase can be provided. However, if cleaning the wedding band at home sounds like an ideal option all that’s needed is a little soak in warm soapy water and gently scrub a soft toothbrush over it. Anything more firm and precious gemstones can break free. Pat dry with a soft lint-free cloth when done with cleaning and the ring will be as good as new again.