Peaceful Outdoor Wedding in White and Green

The story that the images from Mariel and Abraham’s wedding tell is one of a peaceful outdoor wedding, filled with intimacy and friendship and obvious love. It doesn’t hurt that they chose an incredibly romantic setting, a rustic retreat nestled amongst redwood trees.

Read on for more from the bride about her wedding:
“That day was a living dream; in my heart, I’ve stored it well and protected it. The sky had been clear in the days leading to it; only that day, the sky was painted gray and opened to shower. I had an overwhelming feeling of dread for the sudden change in plans and design—it was supposed to be perfect. But looking back, this was heralding a dream beyond what my heart could imagine.

The morning of, my love and I woke to the pitter-patter of heavy rainfall, wind dancing in the idyllic garden just beyond our window. For that euphoric moment, we let go and embraced the melody of pandemonium. Our hearts filled with too much gratitude and joy to allow anything to stand in between. This day was ours. Let it be what will be.

Obscured by the rainfall, I saw the blurry outline of the vintage car through the cottage window that would take me to the ceremony, and finally,…8 years of immeasurable love bottled in my heart. My heart was calmed, the storm chased away and the feeling of absolute consumed me. He is mine and I am his!

How did we end up here? That moment I must hold on to forever: at that moment, you stood at the end of the line composed of our dearest friends and family; the procession was about to begin and you were warned not to look back. ‘Over the Rainbow’ began to play and that meant you were walking down the aisle. A slow and timed transition to ‘Moon River,’ and our beautiful parents walked down. I wished I could see them, to see if their faces filled with joy. I took a few steps onward and ‘Claire De Lune’ filled the scene—a favorite that is so often played in our home. Our friends’ and siblings’ turn to walk the procession, and then, my hand holding Shelby’s and my father’s, anxious to finally see you.

In time they cued for me. I turned the corner and there you were. My best friend, my companion, the best part of me. Through blurry eyes, I saw the centuries’ old pines looming above you, I breathed in the crisp air and for the first time that day, I felt the warmth of the sun. The Redwood Cathedral is the perfect place. With a deep breath and shaking knees, I began my walk to you, ‘Yiruma’ playing gently in the background. Sixty of our nearest and dearest gathered with so much love to share. My heart was so consumed in the moment; I felt my papa lift my hand from his arm and there you were, waiting for me.

During the entirety of our ceremony, sunlight filtered through the Redwoods. Sun streaks gently wrapped us in its warm embrace so perfectly that it seemed God’s hand was upon us. Our wedding day was a dream, a dream turned into reality. In truth, it went by with countless flaws but the good overpowered it all. The love I felt that day has filled the chasms of my heart, enough to last a lifetime.

I cannot end without sharing the immense gratitude I have for our creative team. As a wedding photographer, I knew the importance of bringing together a team that will so perfectly paint our wedding day. My creative friends, I am so grateful for your love and for what your art did to make our wedding day so beautiful. It was a masterpiece, at least to my eyes. I love you all, so much.”

Creative Design: Ginny Au | Photography: Brushfire Photo | Video: Timeless Motion | Florals: Poppy Design Co. | Assistant: Sarah Park Events | Calligraphy: Kelsey Malie | Hair: Nicole Johnson Hair | Makeup: Mimi & Taylor | Location: Nestldown | Dress: Kitty Chen Couture | Tux: Calvin Klein | Tabletop: Ark Rentals | Linens: La Tavola |
Bridesmaids Dress: Custom Made by Mary Rita | Custom Rentals: Custom Creations | Catering: Poetry in Motion | Harpist: Krista Strader | Ribbons: Frou Frou Chic