Our Favorite Garden Wedding Venues

We always love an outdoor wedding, and when that wedding takes place in a garden, we just know that it’s going to be beautiful! With the natural foliage and flowers, there’s less decorating that needs to be done, and with a little sunshine and maybe a bird’s whistle here and there, you’ll think you’re in a fairytale. Looking for some garden wedding inspiration? Here are some of our favorite spaces and ideas.
1.Beaulieu Gardens by Michael Radford Photography in Napa Valley (Pictured Above)

This celebration was the perfect combination of relaxed elegance. The bride took inspiration for their day from a Moroccan wedding blanket. In keeping with their elegant bohemian style, they chose the Beaulieu Gardens as the perfect venue to provide beautiful garden-inspired vistas.

2.Beaulieu Gardens by Jose Villa in Napa Valley

This couple also chose the beautiful Beaulieu Gardens for its distinct atmosphere, and we love how different this ceremony setting is from the first. They wanted something outside that could capture the same feeling from the night they were engaged in southern France, combined with their love of history. The lush arrangements of greenery and delphinium only add to the outdoor setting.

3.Her parent’s backyard by Tec Petaja

Sometimes the perfect garden venue can be found in your own backyard. This couple wanted an intimate and humble celebration that came to life in her parent’s backyard. It was the perfect blend of the subtle beauty found in Italy with a springtime, garden affair — and if you can find a blossoming tree to be wed in front of, you’ll be even luckier!

4.Leach Botanical Gardens by Linnea Paulina Photography

The simplicity of the Leach Botanical Gardens was the perfect setting for this beautiful combination of whites, greens, and light purples. This venue was soothing and organic, allowing for a classic design to stand the test of time and really let the couple’s love and vows take centre stage.

5.Riverwood Mansion by Rylee Hitchner

This couple had a very clear vision of what they wanted from the start. They knew that they wanted to embrace the union of their families and dear friends, so the bride sought an understated, eloquent design that tied together her Italian heritage and a sweet Southern night under the stars.

6.Wave Hill by Jillian Mitchell Photography

Fashion-forward and elegant was the perfect combination for this wedding at Wave Hill. Wave Hill was already a stunning space that was merely amplified by the bride’s vision of adding lush greenery and exciting combinations of flowers, and we’re stunned by the way the bride’s unconventional dress echoes the the gradations of color and texture from the gardens.

7.Alder Manor by Bryce Covey

Alder Manor was an abandoned Yonkers estate from the early 20th century that became the perfect backdrop for this couple’s wedding celebration, and it effortlessly becomes the perfect backdrop for this couple’s refreshing mixture of old world glamour and beautiful springtime hues.