Original Gatherings and Details from 12th Table

It’s always nice to see a company take a thoughtful, caring approach to this industry. Weddings are the most personal, intimate experiences and they should be created and cared for by people who treat them as such. That’s why we couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to 12th Table—a thoughtful team of planners, designers, stylists, and florists who orchestrate beautiful, cohesive events and moments.

Based in Nashville (with a new home opening soon in Jackson, Wyoming!), theirs is a new brand of company in that they provide the materials you need through their rental services, as well as that spark of creativity and manpower to see a vision realized with services like styling, planning, floral design. They’ve spent a great deal of time cultivating a small group of experts who are the crème de la crème in their field. Everyone in the 12th Table family believes in getting things done well and beautifully, creating lasting experiences that indulge all the senses. They focus heavily on guest experience and detail-oriented design, but—most important—they really care about creating gatherings that are true to their clients.

12th Table founder, Megan Proby, sums it up this way: “Here we know that when you break bread and clink glasses, you’re creating a story. One that will linger for years and years to come— preserved in photographs and memories, told around bonfires. So for us it isn’t enough just to make a place pretty. We want you to enjoy the process, love the result, and have the time to be truly present in those moments that matter. We want you to get lost in a world of pure happiness.”

If you’re interested in talking with 12th Table about your wedding, visit their website or contact Megan directly: megan@12thTable.com.

Photography: Kristin Sweeting