Must Have Wedding Day Shots

Must-Have Wedding Day Photos |

There are some shots your wedding photographer is bound to get of your wedding day: walking down the aisle, ring exchange and the  first kiss. But give some thoughts to the other moments you want to capture.  The ones that become your most cherished photos of your special day. We’re sharing our favorites here today, with a few fantastic examples.

Help getting ready
Your maids and your mom have been helping you since you got engaged.  Don’t forget a pic of their help getting you into the dress. Photography: (left) Emily Harris Photography, (right) onelove photography

Wedding dress
Oh-so-pretty photos of your wedding dress before you put it on are a must-do! Photographer: Le Secret D’Audrey

Must-Have Wedding Day Photos |

Wedding dress details
You’ll have many photos of you in your gown, hopefully, but ask the photographer to get up close and personal with the embellishment, buttons, trim or other details of your wedding day dress. It’ll help you remember it better. Photography: (left) Terralogical Wedding Photos; (right) Peaches & Mint

Must-Have Wedding Day Photos |

Secret dress details
Also take a moment to take note of any special details, such as the secret heart this bride, above, had sewn into her dress. It was made of a piece of fabric from one of the brides’s dad’s old work shirts. Photography: Shannon Cronin

Bride primping
A private moment taken to primp and prettify will look gorgeous. Photography: Jill Doty

Must-Have Wedding Day Photos |

Ring and invites together
Combine your wedding rings and paper goods, such as invites or ceremony program for a frameable combo shot that will capture some important details of the day. Photography: Closer to Love

Must-Have Wedding Day Photos |

Wedding shoes
Don’t forget about this wedding day necessity, often only seen when you are getting ready. This photo is particularly lovely because it combines other wedding outfit details, capturing a moment in time. You could also combine the shoes with your bouquet, lipstick or wedding day perfume for a little peek back. Photography: Mi Belle

Must-Have Wedding Day Photos |

Walking with the wedding party
Whether it’s the gents or the ladies, for a natural look, include some movement in the bridal party photos and start strutting. Photography: Mint Photography

First look with dad
Once you’re ready and if you’re able, set up a photo of your dad capturing a glimpse of his daugther all dressed up. It’ll be a beautiful memory. Another great twist is one of the bride helping dad get ready by straightening his tie or pinning his boutonniere. Photography: Kaytee Lauren

First touch or first look with groom
If you don’t mind breaking tradition, you are sure to have some winning shots if you choose to have this very personal, intimate moment between you two captured. Photography: Dan O’Day

Junior bridal party going down the aisle
The little ones heading down the aisle is a beautiful shot. Another great shot is of the all-out-fun kids have later on at the reception. Photography: Jose Villa

Groom seeing you come down the aisle
This incredibly emotional moment has spurred many an amazing wedding photo through the years. From shock to tears, ask your photographer to stay focused on the groom at the start of the ceremony for this photo. Photography: Jill Doty

Must-Have Wedding Day Photos |

Parents watching
Another special moment is of parents, siblings or other wedding guests watching the ceremony. You never know what kind of emotions will be caught. Photography: Rebecca Bijl

A private moment
Whether it’s stealing a kiss at the reception, a loving look during the speeches or a few stolen moments away from the madness of the party, a moment capturing a moment just between you two might very well be your most treasured memory … and picture. Photography  J. Lebron Photography


Birds eye view
Take a standard shot and shake it up by asking the photographer to get up high. This is particularly gorgeous for bridal portraits. Photography: Christian Pleva Images

Furry friends
If you have some pets near and dear attending your wedding, be sure to get them in a photo! Photography: Bushnell Photography

Environmental shots
The details are amazing, but be sure to get a few of the overall wedding venue and setting for context. Don’t forget to include some as background in your bridal portraits! Photography: Jeramie Shoda, ShodaLOVE

Party action
If you know Aunt Joan loves to bust a move on the dance floor or you’ve got some amazing party favors planned, be sure to ask your photographer to stay late enough to get some action shots of the party. Additional photos would be great of the DJ, band or any other crazy happenings. Photography: Jill Doty