Modern Romance and Glamour

From Lexi Bills, the photographer:

“While mindlessly scrolling through my feed, these modern incredibly stunning earrings stopped me in my tracks. After sufficiently stalking the human that created them, I knew I needed to collaborate with her brain. She envisioned the lakeside and I the couple, but this whole thing became more than we ever could have imagined.

It had been raining all week, so we were ready to brave the storm.. but Instead of the downpour that was happening hours before and happened hours after, we got the perfect window of a moody sky to match our moody souls. It felt like we were living in a painting.. and it helped immensely that our couple had a chemistry that was super prevalent. There was a deeper understanding of the feel that we were all aiming for. A peaceful, blissful purpose in each other, a subtle understanding with an incredibly un-subtle backdrop. The sky told more of the story than anything else our team could have created.

Creating is a gift. Creating this mood, with this couple, and the unplanned circumstances that worked out so perfectly .. it all was like taking a big ginormous breath of fresh air.”

Photography: Lexi Marie Photography | Earrings: Stil.Works by Allie Kirk | Makeup: Natalie Krall | Hair: Cassi Bosch | Stylist: Erica Kopp | Venue: Utah Lake