Lovely Down to Earth Virginia Wedding


How sweet is this Virginia weddding sent to us by Photographer Elisa Bricker. We just adore the simplicity of the decor and the entire feeling of this event. Here’s more from the bride, Beth, about their special day:

Gilby and I chose KHC for many reasons. The building reminds me of my home growing up, which was on a small farm in North Carolina. The front porch of my parents’ house is similar to the porch of the hunt club – that seems like an odd thing to notice but it made me feel like I was at home on our wedding day. Also, much like the hunt club, my parents’ house is an old farm cottage and has lots of imperfections. Gilby and I wanted a place that was relaxed, quiet, outdoors, a place that wouldn’t be a distraction or something we aren’t. I liked that the back of the building had old coolers, some trash cans, a grill, and of course the kennels for the foxhounds. The place actually seemed real, as opposed to the perfectly groomed events that are quite stunning, but really not our style. 
Honestly when we think back to our wedding there isn’t anything we regret or would have done differently, except for saving some wedding cake because it vanished immediately. The hunt club came with its own charm, from the hunt photographs on the wall to the scuffed up wood floor, so we had it easy. All we added were the potted herbs and a few arrangements, and the herbs doubled as gifts to guests at the end of the evening. Arthur Johnson, who manages the property, knows the place inside and out and answered my hundreds of questions with a level of patience I didn’t know existed. 
Taking photos in the ring that’s home to the Keswick Horse Show…that was quite appropriate considering how much time I spend with horses. And the nice part is, when the horse show rolls around each year in May, I get to see the hunt club and remember that afternoon and how much fun we had with our friends and family. 

Photographer: Elisa Bricker | Dress: Carolina Herrera Shoes: Zara | Florist: Minglewood | Cake: Caroline’s Cakes | Venue: Keswick Hunt Club | Hair: Honeycomb | Makeup: Oasis | Caterer: l’etoile |  Rock Paper Scissors for invitation and ceremony program was by studio ten 15| Music: Jangling Reinharts by Sam Hill Entertainment