Learn Modern Cake Painting With Cynz Cakes and If I Made

Learn How To Make Her Signature Cake Shown Above

How Cynz Cakes translates inspiration into a real-life cake

How to look at colors, composition, and structure for different designs (specifically couture inspired looks)

How to use a palette knife technique to represent an abstract form for roses

Learn How To Do Color Mixing

The fundamentals of color theory using edible primary gels

Basic color mixing and how to tone down colors to create neutrals

How to create unique color palettes

Learn To Create Free-flow Piping Buttercream Flowers

How to paint patches of buttercream using an offset spatula

How to pipe Cynz Cakes’ signature flowing flowers directly onto a cake

Master Buttercream Palette Painting

How to add unique textures on buttercream

How to paint with buttercream using a palette knife technique

Explore Watercolor on Torn Paper Textured Fondant

How to create a “torn paper” effect using fondant

How to mix and apply edible dust to fondant to mimic a watercolor effect


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