Kim Zolciak’s Wedding Dress!

Here comes the bride!

But what’s she to do if she gets engaged to the man of her dreams in October and wants to walk down the aisle in a couture gown just a month later? It’s essentially impossible to get a designer gown made in that time. Not to mention a truly exquisite one featuring Swarovski crystals, pearl beads and platinum coated thread!

Luckily for Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kim Zolciak, her dream dress was already created, and waiting for her on!

Kim purchased her Baracci Beverly Hills gown within 24 hours of it being posted on

It’s no doubt Kim felt as amazing as she looked when she said her “I Do’s” on Friday, November 11.  We can’t wait to see her in this stunning dress!

Dress Photos: Kevin Dinh Photography


  1. really is kinda ugly. Couture…high fashion can be crap. I do like Kim and think she is way too pretty for this dress.

  2. This seems so odd for Kim – so much of her is more modern (boobs, tan, etc) I feel like she’s just going to look extremely odd in this. It evokes a sense of an older time. It’s very pretty, but something more sleek would look better on Kim (though that’s not really her style either is it?…)

  3. Was she drunk when she order it !!! That dress would be great without the ruffles in the middle!!! She could have done alot better!!!

  4. It surely looks better on then it does on the hanger and as far as the comments on the large roses in the middle, Kim did just recently give birth ya know. I say it’s beautiful and she will be in it, all brides are beautiful, even those wearing dresses not to my taste. If we all had the same taste what a boring world this would be. I would remind some that to say rude things about others is often really just revealing how insecure you are about yourself, and just because the internet makes it easy to take a cheap shot at someone you don’t know, it’s still an ugly thing to do.

  5. Dresses look different on the hanger, obvious. What may he a hideous dress on a hanger, can in some cases look very good on a bride.

    It’s not my style, but it is a very over the top dress…which fits Kim’s personality.

  6. This dress is too much for me personally, however for kim it is amazing! look at the details. outstanding. humbling.
    she appears to have found someone that is putting her first and isn’t that what all “chick on the side” wish for?
    all the best to the family.
    it wouldn’t be kim if she didn’t show a little cleavage.:)

  7. Although not something I would ever consider, this is a work of art, and while it is totally over the top, it is the perfect sort of dress for Kim. I love the dress!

  8. WOW! I apologize for the rude comments that some have posted. That’s how our society has evolved . People say hurtful things without even a second thought! No class!
    Clearly, Kim will look and feel like royalty in this amazing dress. I wish her and her new family much love and a wonderful wedding!

  9. It is an amazing dress…..Kudos for shopping online and buying “preowned”!!!!!

    I live day to day and will NEVER know what is like to have any of the experiences you do (but am content)….enjoy it all……life is precious.

  10. Kim will all your crazyness I love you on the show. Although your husband is younger than you by just 6 or 7 years, you all make a lovely couple. Love the way your husband laugh. It makes me laugh. Good luck with your girls, new son and husband. Love you girl.

  11. Well, I love high fashion however, I did not like every part of the dress. I love Sarwarski they are my favorite crystals over Waterford, Laleic and all. I think that the fabric across the middle was too strong for the other materials. Kim’s bouquet could have had some silver and crystals to pick up the other material. Everyone has an opinion and because it doesn’t agree with all doesn’t mean that they are hating. The wedding was lavish Cowin Colin. I looooooved the jumpsuit. Go Kim and Kroy with your love, which is what is really important. Oh, and my boyfriend “KJ” , soooo sweet a baby.

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