Join Wedding & Portrait Photographers International

After working with hundreds of photographers over the years, we’ve realized some things about these artists that you may not observe as an outsider. Photography as an artistic expression is a talent that lies within your soul; it seems like a talent that you’re born with rather than one you can simply learn. That being said, photography, specifically wedding photography, is an ever-evolving industry full of talented creatives who are always eager to learn and on the search for new technology.

WPPI, or Wedding and Portrait Photographers International, is an international organization that works to help foster the careers of both amateur and professional photographers by providing continuing education courses, networking opportunities, and year-round support. The WPPI Conference and Expo takes place ever year in Las Vegas where photographers can learn from others in the industry and take seminars on subjects like lighting, posing, and business.

Members of WPPI receive benefits that include subscriptions to photography publications Photo District News and Rangefinder, special pricing for the WPPI Conference along with exclusive events at the conference, discounts to other photography conferences, and discounts associated with post-production, insurance, printing and cleaning vendors.

Some of our favorite photographers, Jose Villa, Elizabeth Messina, Ben Sasso, and Jessica Janae are members of WPPI, and if you’re an up-and-coming photographer looking to network with these incredible talents, WPPI is the perfect organization for you. Click here to find out about membership costs and more information about WPPI. Find WPPI on Facebook and follow their blog for updates!

Image 1 & 3: Elizabeth Messina | Image 2: Jose Villa | Image 4: Jessica Janae | Image 5: Ben Sasso