It’s More Than a Ring – Insure It For All Its Worth

|ad| When you first get engaged, it is a time of much excitement and happiness. You will spend time reminiscing about all of the wonderful moments that have led up to this very special event. Then you will celebrate this event with family and friends, and start looking forward to all of the wonderful times ahead – especially the wedding. But before you begin planning the big day, you should make sure that you protect that big investment – your engagement ring! Thanks to  Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group this step can be very easy for you.

We mean seriously easy, and here’s why! All you need is to have a written appraisal of your ring (and since you just bought it, the place you purchased it from should be able to provide this for you). Then go to the Jewelers Mutual® website to get a free, personalized quote that will help you determine the cost of  insurance. They won’t ask for any personal information other than your zip code. I did it, and in seconds I was able to see how very affordable it was to insure my ring – even if I chose a zero deductible. Typically, it is only 1%-2% of your ring’s value!

Not only is their process super easy, but their policy is the most comprehensive in the business. They offer worldwide travel coverage, flexibility to work with the jeweler of your choice, optional $0 deductible and coverage for loss, theft, damage and mysterious disappearance. And if that’s not enough, here are a few more factors that set Jewelers Mutual apart from other insurance companies:

1. The company was started by jewelers, for jewelers, in 1913 – over 100 years ago. That’s a lot of time spent specializing in jewelry, not home and auto, something that’s sure to benefit you.

2. They only insure jewelry. They will cover your wedding bands and those wonderful wedding earrings or necklace that you receive as a gift from your soon to be husband. All of those items are valuable in ways that go far beyond monetary value. This means they understand how important your jewelry is to you and also understand how it fits into your lifestyle. So when deciding what to insure keep in mind that if it is valuable to you, then it is worth insuring

3. They have an excellent site and customer care team that provides you with much more information than we can cover here – from how to clean your ring, to whether you should buy jewelry on vacation. Any questions you may have about jewelry are likely answered by them.

4. While all that planning is going on, don’t forget that you will also be taking a really great honeymoon! Knowing you are insured with Jewelers Mutual before going will give you peace of mind, but here are some other tips for making sure your trip is worry free:
– Wear jewelry or pack in carry-on, never check it
– Handle your carry-on yourself
– Use the hotel safe rather than the room safe
– Tuck a necklace into your shirt or turn a ring around to minimize exposure

So what are you waiting for?! Insure your jewelry today and learn more by downloading The Essential Buyer’s Guide to Jewelry Insurance

This post is sponsored by Jewelers Mutual. All opinions expressed are those of the author.