Imagine Wearing 12 Wedding Gowns!

Dream wedding dress? Imagine being lucky enough to wear twelve! That’s just what this seller did.

As Hong Kong bride Sze, explains “It’s a cultural thing. We just have one chance to wear these gowns in our life so many of us wants to wear as many as possible.

 Usually we have one gown in the morning for “pouring tea to the elderly” as a ceremony, one gown for church and 5 gowns in the evening banquet.

We also go for pre-wedding photos before we get married so that we can show our guests at the wedding.” (Sze went to Korea, London and Paris for her portraits!)


Wedding DressWedding Dress wedding-dress_3 wedding-dress_4 wedding-dress_5 wedding-dress_6 wedding-dress_7 wedding-dress_8wedding-dress_10wedding-dress_9 wedding-dress_12wedding-dress_11

Wondering which gown was the most special to her?  “The most important gown is my Lark from Vera Wang. It’s like a dream come true to have a Vera Wang.”

If your dream is to wear a Vera Wang Lark too, you can find her’s for sale here.


Photos:K&S Production