Ideas for Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Attire at a Second Wedding

second wedding attire
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One of the great things about organising a second wedding is that there are no solid expectations in mind in the same way that there can be with your first wedding. Certain traditions and customs may not play such an important role in the day and this can give you the chance to be a tad creative when it comes to making some of the most basic decisions.

The barriers are down and this is your chance to be a bit more laidback with your style of wedding – starting with dressing your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

second wedding attire
One Fab Day

Dress for the venue

If your special ceremony is being held somewhere other than a church setting, it only makes sense to swap traditional formal wear for something that matches your surroundings.  If the wedding venue is held at the beach, for example, opt for casual attire as you would on holiday i.e. the bridesmaids in matching sarongs or elegant maxi dresses. Your wedding party will appreciate cool and comfortable clothes as opposed to struggling with tight waistcoats and ties in the heat.

Adopt a theme

Having a themed wedding can be so much fun and it can also allow every little detail fall into place, including what the bride and groom party will wear. You may decide to base your theme upon a specific era such as ‘Classic Hollywood’ or a 1930’s theme awash with top hats, tails and stylish swing dresses.

Another fun theme idea is to celebrate a mutual passion and run with it, such as a favourite film, sports team or favourite pastime that you may both share. Once you have this figured, you won’t be short of inspirational costume ideas for your bridesmaid and groomsmen attire. Some popular choices for film buff couples have included Star Wars, Moulin Rouge and Harry Potter-themed weddings in which the wedding ensemble dress as key members of the cast. The end result can make for a very personal and memorable way to celebrate a vow renewal or a new relationship with close friends and family.

second wedding attire


Your second wedding should be anything but second best and hopefully, some of the above fashion tips will help towards making your big day a cherished and unforgettable one. Whether you are reaffirming your love for your current partner or celebrating a new chapter, there are many unique ways to mark the occasion of a second wedding.

You may wish to commemorate the day with a thoughtful keepsake such as an engraved ring or a beautiful Pandora charm. Whether this is worn as part of your wedding jewellery on the day or given as a subsequent gift on your second honeymoon together, ensure it celebrates what it is that makes your day unique and special to you.