How to Plan a Destination Wedding in Paris

The moment you said yes, Paris popped in your mind: The Eiffel Tower, macarons, exquisite food, champagne. No wonder, Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world.

With the time difference, the language barrier and the cultural differences, you might think planning a destination wedding in Paris is impossible. It’s not! Here are some tips to help you plan your dream wedding in Paris!

1. First of all- and probably the most important detail:  you can’t get legally married in France. You have to live in France more than 40 days in a row and have documents (like bills with your name and address) to prove it. What we suggest is to have a civil ceremony where you live and plan a symbolic ceremony in Paris. You can have a religious ceremony in France but you might have to jump through hoops. It can be done, but not always!

2. Hire a planner! It’s always a good idea, especially when you’re trying to plan one of the most important days of your life, when you’re an ocean away from where you live. Paris based wedding planners will help you to select vendors and ensure their quality, help you coordinate your day,  and manage the vendors so you can relax and enjoy Paris!

3. Choose English speaking vendors- even if you have a French wedding planner! The French aren’t always great at speaking make sure you choose vendors who you can converse with comfortably. Or hire American/English vendors; there are a lot working in Paris! It is so much more comfortable to interact easily with the people around you on your wedding day.

4. Always have a plan B in case of bad weather! Oh yes, Paris is beautiful and romantic – even under the rain – but a bit capricious even in spring and summer. It will not undermine your spirit, you’ll still be in Paris, but for your guest’s sake make sure you have a plan B (with your venue) if you have anything planed outside. Rain is a little less of an issue in September and October, so maybe plan your trip for then!

5. French people usually don’t get married between July 15th and August 15th – it’s the summer vacation period. If you plan your wedding during this time before you speak to vendors, you’ll find out that a lot of them may be closed for a few weeks. 

6. This last tip isn’t just for if you’re planning a destination wedding- Take time the day before your wedding to relax, maybe visit a spa, or just walk around! 

Article by: Vanessa Toklu | Photography: Rebecca Yale