How to Make a Boutonniere

If we’re honest, we all know your man would rather not wear a pink rose any day, even if he’s “supposed to” on his wedding day. Some guys are very compliant in this realm and will happily succumb, just seeing it as a little tradeoff far outweighed by the delight of marrying you. But, in the end, they’re dudes and it can be a very kind gesture to just not even ask them to wear that little pink rose floating in a cloud of baby’s breath. Last week’s “how to make a boutonniere” tutorial offered one alternative…any kind of pod or round thing can be a nice option…this week is another option–a cool leaf. Huechera leaves come in all sorts of cool colors, have ruffly edges (so it can still be a nice compliment if you’re having a really feminine bouquet), and often have even cooler colors on the back for added interest. We backed this lovely little leaf with blackberries (watch out for the thorns and you may want to take off any berries that are already ripe), a little tip of a bud from a butterfly bush….and a very mysterious something that I canNOT find the name of….anyone know??

You can follow the same basic steps from the how to make a boutonniere tutorial we posted last week if you’d like to make this yourself!

Photography by Ali Harper // Styling by Joy Thigpen // Wholesale flowers by FiftyFlowers (Also! check out the FiftyFlowers blog for more flower DIY tips and ideas–its a great resource!)