How to Forage for your Wedding

foraging2What makes floral designers like Ashley Beyer and Kelly Perry truly special is their talent for working with nature and foraging in their surroundings to create organic and sensational florals. These talented ladies are sharing their secrets for how to best forage for greenery for your own wedding! Keep reading for their tips.

'From Kelly Perry:

I think noticing what is around you, now, and bringing it into your home or event is special.

It brings out that quality about plants I love so much.  They are fragile, so remind us to enjoy today before it fades away.  And then plants return, season after season, to remind us of these special days gone by and the circle of truly living in the moment marches on, like the comforting beat of a heart.

When I had 24 hours in Utah with Heather and Ashley this June we lived!  We gathered the iconic Russian Olive that fills the valley with a light, sweet fragrance and we brought it home so we could share it with you!

We took in every second.  It’s so vivid in my memory — the sound of the stream, the squeal we let out when a snake slithered across the sandy path, the warm breeze, the sound the trees made as we snipped.

Living in the moment creates some beautiful memories.

So what do you need to create memories of your own?  You just need to get a pair of clippers, open your eyes and snip!

A few other notes:

– It’s important to identify what you touch and clip.  Look out for things like poison ivy.

– If you clip away from home, be sure to ask permission if you can.

– Avoid cutting during the hottest part of the day.  Your flowers will hold better and rehydrate quicker when cut early in the day or in the evening.

Feature by: Ashley Beyer and Kelly Perry | Photography: Heather Payne