How to Find Your Dream Wedding Venue

DreamWeddingVenue_V1When searching for your wedding venue, the practical details are often what first come to mind. Is this venue within my budget? Is it within driving distance for guests? How many guests can this space hold? While these questions are important and must be considered, every bride has a vision of what her wedding day will look like, so why not begin the process with a different mindset – one that primarily considers your wedding style.

Wedding branding expert Kristen Ley Green, of Something New for I Do, shares with us some tips on how we can do this.

For DIY brides or a moderate budget

Look for a venue that serves as a blank canvas. A space with neutral walls and minimal décor is the perfect location to jazz up with draping and rentals to match your wedding style. Open floor plans and bare walls, like at an empty greenhouse or a studio, can take on almost any look. Outdoor venues are also a great option, as the natural elements make for a clean backdrop for a custom design. Keep in mind that with this approach, you may be spending more to bring in the visual elements. That means that while the venue fee may be less expensive than other venue types, depending on your vision, the costs can add up for designing your venue to fit your style.

For a tighter budget

When being more conscious of budget, the reverse is true. Choosing a venue that embodies your style means less décor will be needed. Like this contemporary German brewery wedding, for example. If your wedding style is vintage; historic spaces, inns, manors or private estates are smart choices that will likely require little work to exemplify your style. Sometimes, well-designed tablescapes are all you need to set the tone.

For the minimalist

If your wedding style is that of a minimalist, anything is possible. Some of the most beautiful organic weddings are in the simplest of places – a scenic spot, at home, or at your favorite restaurant, brewery or winery. For brides with a rustic flare, because of the recent rustic wedding trend, there is no shortage of barns, lodges and farms that have sprung up as wedding venues. Simply choose a space that speaks to your specific ideas. There’s a difference stylistically between a working farm and an upscale venue built to resemble a barn.

For open budgets

If money is not a factor when planning your wedding, the sky is the limit. Create a wedding mood board with photos of exactly what you envision. Then, do your research looking beyond typical wedding venues. It could be that a mountain top wedding where every last detail is brought in fits your style. Be creative, open-minded and never settle for anything less than what you envision on your most special day.

Be inspired by these amazing venues:
Gone are the days of cookie-cutter weddings and commonplace venues. Brides today are growing more creative by the minute, and we love the fact that no celebration spot is off limits. Here are 15 uniquely amazing venues – in no particular order – and why brides are swooning over them. Compiled by Kristen Ley Green, Something New for I Do, and Eva W Clark, Belle of the Ball Events.

Airship 37

Casa Marina





Monday Night Brewing


Public 2


Barnsley Resort


Old Edwards Inn Tec Petaja

Summerour Courtyard

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