How To Find Your Bridesmaid Dresses On Sale

If you haven’t heard about Shop It To Me, you should check it out.  It is a free service that lets you know when brands and sizes you select – go on sale.   Over 500 brands (like JCrew, Ann Taylor, BCBG, and  Banana Republic) are featured on Shop It To Me, and you can choose to be emailed daily or weekly with your sale items.  The sales are from well-known retailers including the leading department stores, and also boutique and niche sites.

You could register all of your bridesmaid sizes in your account. Or your bridesmaids could register individually and see their own sizes when they go on sale.

Imagine getting notified that these amazing bridesmaid dresses were on sale:


JCrew Bridesmaid Dresses

Ann Taylor:

Ann Taylor Bridesmaid Dresses

BCBG Evening Gowns

Banana Republic:

Banana Republic Dresses

Sale notices are only by brand (not by specific dress), but that way, you and your bridemaids will be able to see what your different options and sale prices are.

Go here to register!