How to Choose Bridal Lingerie

Finding just the right lingerie for your wedding day is more complicated than you might think. There are a number of important factors to consider: color, comfort, shape… that’s a lot to look for in lingerie!

Choosing The Perfect Bridal Lingerie - Infographic

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First thing’s first: what does your wedding dress look like? There are many different silhouettes, necklines and backs to choose from when you select your wedding dress, and each type has specific lingerie options that are most compatible and figure flattering. This handy little infographic is the perfect place to start!

Next, there’s comfort. That can relate to shapewear and hosiery, as well, so you’ll want to select an ensemble that not only flatters but also gives you space to breathe!

Once you’ve selected the right lingerie for your wedding dress, you can choose the colors. Believe it or not, white isn’t automatically the answer. When in doubt, you should try to blend with your natural skin tone.

Make sure you bookmark or pin this infographic so you’ll be prepared to select the ideal bridal lingerie to make you look amazing in your wedding dress!

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