[Guide] Wedding Decorations: Everything You Need to Know

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Are you overwhelmed within the wedding planning process? Are flower choices, table runners, and centerpieces triggering anxious feelings? Have no fear, we’ve got a simple guide that will stop that stress in its tracks and help you begin to envision – and implement – the wedding of your dreams.

When & Where to Start

white and green wedding invitation


Once the venue is chosen and the date is set, start working on an inspiration board. Write down words that you want others to describe your day as. Start to figure out what your theme and goal for the day will be.

When you’ve settled on the feelings and styles you want to grab from, you’ll pick your invitations and that’s where you’ll be able to focus all of your planning energy. The invitation will be the key that unlocks all of the other choices.

Signs, Banners, & The Arches

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Now it’s time to think big. The corners, the frames, and the backdrops to the day are where your focus should follow next.

Your ceremony can be led in by a sign or two. The menus on or near the reception tables can signal what’s for dinner. The arch at the altar will make a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony and some banners in and around the event can create even more photo-ops and a foundation of the style you’ve chosen.

Florals & Greens

white flowers and greenery wedding


Here come the florals – and possibly the greens too. One of the most important and biggest budget-takers of the bunch, your fresh petals are something to really think about.

From the bouquets to the tables, to the ceremony aisle, there are several sports throughout the event that flowers will be sprinkled throughout.

When deciding on which route to take, pay attention to the season your wedding is in and what’s “in season” when it comes to the flowers. This will help narrow your options and make the task a bit less overwhelming.

Place Cards, Menu Cards, Programs, & More!

green leaf wedding place cards


Not all of these are necessary but it’s definitely something to make a decision on including (or not) and check off of the list. These are an especially nice addition when you’re having a larger wedding.

The stationery should complement the invitations already sent out and the vision you’ve created in the actual day’s event as well. And that doesn’t mean they have to be printed on cotton papers. Instead, they can be done in unique ways. Use leaves, chalkboards, or anything else your creative mind has to offer!

Seating & Linens

white and green wedding chairs


You’ll have to choose some other foundational elements of the event as well. From the seats at the ceremony to the seats at the reception – to the types of tables you’d like to use – and the linens you want to dress them in, all of these options are a part of the decorating task as well.

Drapery for the reception hall walls, the sweetheart table sequin cloth, ghost chairs at dinner and vintage couches at the ceremony, and the special runner you’d like displayed on the cake table… these choices get easier to make once you have a distinct goal you’re working toward.

The Cake Toppers & Food Tables

dessert table with greenery


Lastly, you’ll want to think about the food. Now, this task may come after you’ve actually picked your menu for the night. But, there’s more to deciding on the edibles than just what you’re tasting. It’s also about how it’s presented – including how the cake is decorated.

Picking the cake topper and the accents on the buffet, dessert bar, or anything of the like, is a key to transforming the entire event into your own special vision.