What’s In Season: A Guide to Fall Wedding Flowers

Choosing flowers is a lot simpler and more budget friendly if you stick to flowers that are in season at the time of your wedding. Here’s a quick little guide to some of my favorite flowers that are in season for fall weddings! This isn’t an all-inclusive list, so be sure to ask your florist what’s in season for more ideas.

What's In Season: Guide to Fall Wedding Flowers

4 Favorite Fall Wedding Flowers

  • Chrysanthemum (aka “mums”): flower’s name comes from the Greek words for “gold” and “flower” but grows in a variety of colors besides yellow
  • Dahlia: larger blooms in rich colors, featuring lots of small, delicate petals
  • Marigold: most often found in intense shades of orange
  • Zinnia: blooms in different shapes and petal configurations, i.e. a single row of rounded petals or multiple rows of elongated petals

What's In Season: Guide to Fall Wedding Flowers

Fall blooms are some of my favorites because they pair beautifully with other natural seasonal elements like autumn leaves, pumpkins and more.

Add Texture to Your Bouquet

  • Scabiosa Pods
  • Cat Tails
  • Billy Balls
  • Branches and Leaves
  • Berries
  • Edibles, i.e. Artichokes, Kale, Wheat or Hops
  • Curly Willow

A romantic garden wedding at the Biltmore Estate with beautiful flowers and rich autumn jewel tones // photos by Two Ring Studios: http://tworingstudios.com || see more at: https://blog.nearlynewlywed.com/real-couples/weddings/romantic-garden-wedding-rich-autumn-jewel-tones/

This is one of our most pinned autumn bouquets – isn’t it lovely?
Photography by Two Ring Studios (source)

Are you planning a fall wedding? What flowers have you chosen?