Sell Your Dress Online

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Millennials are changing the wedding industry, re-inventing it in a modern kind of way and it’s pretty exciting. For thousands of years wedding traditions, decor, venues, etc pretty much remained the same. It got to the point that if you were invited to a wedding you kind of knew what to expect for decor, dress, and venue. And we have to admit it made weddings pretty boring. But now, with the new wedding evolution that is being driven by millennials, every wedding is unique, exciting and unexpected. Everything from more “interactive wedding activities” to selling your wedding dress after the wedding, the sky is limit for weddings today. So, it got us thinking…If you aren’t sentimental and planning to keep your wedding dress forever, what is the best time to sell your wedding dress?

After The Wedding?

This is a question that is asked by every bride. At some point in your wedding planning, you have to think about what you are going to do with your wedding dress after the wedding. Many brides decide to stick to tradition and save it forever. Maybe for their daughter to wear, or just as a keepsake to look back on (and dream of fitting into again). But today, Millennials are seeing the world, life and weddings differently. Those ancient traditions are not as important. One of the most popular trends in recent weddings is to give your dress a second trip down the aisle. In previous years Brides wanted to get their wedding dress preserved and keep it forever, modern-day Brides want to see their wedding gown make another Bride happy. Giving your dress a new life is like a right of passage.

How To Sell My Dress?

We would like to say there is an “exact science” to selling your wedding dress online. But the truth is each and every dress is unique. We have stories from Brides that their wedding dress sold within a few days and some that took months, or even a year. It all boils down to when you sell it, how you price it, and if it is a popular style that Brides are searching for now. 

Think about it this way. If you got married 15 years ago and are now considering selling your wedding dress, you may not have as much luck as someone that is selling a dress from the most current wedding dress collections. Styles and trends come and go, so older wedding gowns may not sell too fast, where newer styles are in higher demand.