[Guide] Groom Attire Accessories & Finishing Touches

There’s more to the groom’s day of looking sharp than the black tux or blue suit you’ve chosen for him. In fact, there are several more decisions to be made when finishing off his ensemble. From top to bottom, we’re covering the groom’s accessories and what needs to happen to pull off a seamless and stylish look.

Finding the right tuxedo may be the easiest task the groom has because there’s so much information and available options for help with its tailoring. It’s in finishing touches that will personalize the look to his liking. Let’s quickly explore the addition of the right shoes and the sleekest watch. And make sure we don’t leave any important tidbit off the styling floor.

Bow Ties & Such


Bow ties are where it’s at in the world of the groom but skinny ties are a well-routed path to take as well. Wool, stripes, silk, color-blocked, or satin, there are so many variations to choose from. Thankfully, no matter how formal or casual your event is, there’s a tie to match.

We suggest not going without one of these finishing touches, even in the more low-key of settings. They provide a polished look that you’ll want in your photographs.

Check out stores like The Tie Bar or Knotty Tie for a lot of unique finds.

Cufflinks & Handkerchiefs



Cufflinks can be the most fun part of the groom’s shopping excursion. They also act as fabulous groomsmen gifts! And there are so many different ways to go when deciding on the style. Modern and chic, unique and artistic, or personalized and quirky, you can really find a design that fits any personality.

These can really make or break an outfit and pack a punch. Choose wisely.

Shop Etsy or Amazon for affordable and fun choices.



And the pocket squares are a must too if he’s wearing a jacket. Again, they aren’t exactly necessary, but even in more relaxed spaces, it provides a finishing touch that you’ll want in photographs. Go with solid tones to match the day’s event or quirky staples with fun prints!

This is a great space to truly add your own spin and personalized touch. Add a pop of color or quirky appeal without being scared of ruining the sophistication.

Check out Nordstrom for a great variety.

Shoes & Socks


This is where things get a little bit more traditional: the shoes. Do not let him wear sneakers that he would wear to the gym. Instead, make sure he buys or rents a nicer design to complete his wedding day ensemble.

Of course, for the quirkier fellows, Converses can be a fun route to take. But really, it’s best to show off the personality in the socks. The wedding day calls for a certain level of sophistication and adding the pop of color and uniqueness in the more hidden areas seems more appropriate.

We love the designs offered at Happy Socks.

& Other Bits


Finally, there are a few other bits to pay attention to. His watch, the belt, and even the suspenders should be thought out and planned accordingly.


Go with a watch that’s new – maybe a gift from the bride – or one that’s a bit on the nicer side for the day’s adventure. Also, make sure it matches. Black leather bands should go with the black tuxedos. Whereas a gold watch or brown leather band should go with your linen looks.


The belt shouldn’t be one that’s been around for centuries either. Go buy a new piece if you need to but we shouldn’t see worn creases in photos.


Suspenders can also be a really fun addition to the mix as well. Just make sure they blend with the style and theme of the day. They don’t even have to be necessary. Sometimes less is more and other times you know when the piece fits the moment. Use your common sense.