Flowerwild Workshop

I couldn’t resist sharing some images from Flowerwild’s last workshop. If you are a creative interested in learning more about flowers and design, you should check out her site for more information. A little more from Kate about the workshop..

We met in the desert. 16 attendees from all over the globe with a common love. Flowers. It’s quite special to be amongst other people with your same set of passions, problems, and loves! 2 days of discussions and floral design topped off by an amazing shoot with Jose Villa. He photographed all the student works with many props provided by Jeni Maus from Found.

Within the framework of these various talents it was easy to create the images you see here. I was just wowed by all the talent we had in one room…people from all walks of life, with varying levels of skill, and different visions and approaches to the materials. I’ve been doing these for 4 years now and have to say this was the most rewarding season yet. My favorite things about the workshops are watching people grow their skills and form friendships that will last a long time…independent of me and Flowerwild. These attendees left as comrades and artists. It was wonderful. I am already plotting and planning and looking forward to the next ones.

We have 2 new workshops on the calendar for 2013.

Ojai October 1st and 2nd
Palm Springs November 12th and 13th

Please visit the Flowerwild Workshop site for more info or email Kate directly info@flowerwild.com to reserve your space.

Photography by Jose Villa | Creative Direction and Styling: Kate Holt | Hair and Makeup: Mar Romero of Team Hair and Makeup | Props and Prop Styling: Jeni Maus of Found Vintage Rentals | Gowns:  b. Hughes Bridal | Venue: The Ace Hotel