Five Things Every Bride Should Know About Wedding Dress Shopping

1) Start with an open mind. After you get engaged (yea!) you’ll probably have some idea of the of dress you want.  Keep that vision, but be willing to trying  different necklines, silhouettes and fabrics. Brides are often surprised about what looks best on them.  Or how different a dress looks on – than on the  hanger.  And a romantic (or sexy, or glamorous, or your ideal look) can definitely be achieved with more than one style of dress. So be open to your options.

2) It is your decision. Wedding dress shopping is just plain fun.  And everyone you bring to the salon is excited and happy for you.  But everyone also brings their own opinions to the dressing room.  Remember that it is your day, and your decision.  Your mom, no matter how much she loves you, has already had her day. And your bridesmaid has, or will have, her own too.  Think about what you want. And be kind, but firm, about getting it.

3) Salespeople are truly trying to help you.  But they are also trying to sell to you.  A good salesperson will guide you in finding your dress.  And she really will be truthful about what looks good on you and what you can afford.  But she is also trying to sell you something she has, in her store.  And she wants to sell it to you at this appointment.  If you fall in love, perfect.  But if don’t, don’t let sales pressure be a factor in your decision.

4) Fit is everything. A dress will go from good to gorgeous with the proper fit.  This means both the proper undergarments and the proper alterations. Let the consultant guide you about what the proper fit will do for your dress. And make sure you have the right undergarments on – every time you try on a dress.

5) You will know when you’ve found “THE” dress.  It is probably no surprise that I watch a lot of “Say Yes To The Dress.”  I swear I can tell when a bride has found her dress by how she walks out of the dressing room.  When you find your perfect dress you really do just know.  It is as much about how it looks as it is about how it makes you feel.  Don’t stop looking until you find the dress that makes your heart a little faster and makes you really feel like the bride you are.