Finding Wedding Music

The Ultimate Guide To Finding Wedding Music

There’s a lot that goes into planning the music for your entire wedding day. From the moment the guests arrive to when you make your big exit, you’ll need to create a playlist to coincide with every big moment, and all the little ones too. The music moves the celebration, it provides a timeline for all the point people that make sure the ceremony, and the party that follows, goes off without a hitch.

We’ve curated the Ultimate Guide to Finding Wedding Music; from your processional to the first dance, we have tips and suggestions to make sure this portion of your preparation doesn’t cause a stitch of stress.

How to Plan Your Ceremony Music

The beginning of the entire celebration starts with the ceremony. From the moment your guests arrive throughout the walk back down the aisle as a newly-married couple, each experience should be accompanied by a song. Usually consisting of softer, more romantic pieces of music, the wedding ceremony should be filled with warm, welcoming choices.

Important Parts Of Wedding Ceremony Music:

The Prelude

When guests start arriving at the ceremony location.

Classical wedding music is the most appropriate here. Of course, you can even go with instrumental versions of your favorite tunes. This is a great spot to start your live string quartet or even a pianist you may have hired to help create the appropriate ethos.

The Processional

When the bridal party and the bride make their entrance.

Classical wedding music is traditional here as well. But again, you can go with instrumental versions of your favorite songs. Don’t be afraid to choose a live vocalist here though, making it even more romantic and personal.

The Ceremony

When the bride and groom are married.

There are a lot of different routes to take when it comes to the actual ceremony. Sometimes the music will stop completely during the changing of the vows, other times a song will creep up throughout different points of the service.


As the bride and groom walk back down the aisle and out of the ceremony site.

Here is a great spot to play more joyous and celebratory songs. Of course, you can stick with tradition but if you want to start the party as soon as you say, “I do,” you can make it happen by adding more festive tunes at the end!

Unity Candle

A candle ceremony symbolizing the union of two families as one.

Not everyone will participate in lighting a unity candle but it’s the perfect example of “extra” events that can take place during a ceremony that you want to think ahead for. It’s especially nice to add this to the service if it’s a second marriage where two families with children are coming together.

You can think about adding some special songs at different points as well, such as after exchanging the rings and vows or taking communion.

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How To Plan Your Reception Music

Decide on the atmosphere you want to create when planning your wedding reception music. Moving from the cocktail hour’s gentle background music to the festive vibes of the bridal party’s introduction, there’s a different song for every special portion of the event. These tunes highlight each memory in the making, so finding the right music to set the tone you’re envisioning is key.

Important Parts of Wedding Reception Music:

Cocktail Hour

Some light background music is appropriate throughout this portion of the event. Whether it’s strictly a piano player providing classical sounds in the corner or an acoustic guitar giving up instrumental versions of your favorite Disney songs. This space should be kept for light, welcomed pieces to fill the air.

The Entrance

What really ignites the night is the grand entrance of the bridal party. This tuneage should be chosen based on how the music makes you feel. Do you want a contemporary rock anthem or an oldies favorite?

The First Dance

The first dance is reserved for the newlyweds, and this music is “their” song. Spend time choosing this song. Make sure it reflects your couple style and how you want to present yourselves to your loved ones for the “first” time.

The Father-Daughter Dance

This dance showcases the bond between the bride and her dad or any father figure she may have in her life. Take a moment to look through song choices and create a fun memory with your loved one within the planning process.

The Mother-Son Dance

The above thoughts fit well here too. This dance showcases the bond between the groom and his mom, or any other motherly figure he may have had in his life. Create a time to think about songs that reflect the way you feel about each other, and give that special moment the recognition it deserves.

The Bouquet Toss

A fun and traditional portion of the night, the bouquet toss is a must-have moment to share with your friends and family! Select a song that reflects the festivity!

The Garter Toss

The garter toss usually comes on later in the night when the mood is a bit lighter and freer than the rest of the party. It’s a great time to infuse some humor into the mix.

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