Finding the Perfect Wedding Band to Match Your Engagement Ring

From the day you received your engagement ring, it became the most precious piece of jewelry you have ever owned. But, that special day will come, when you will be given away to the person you love. Your engagement ring will soon need to move over and make space for another ring: your wedding band. Unless your fiancé has purchased a matching set, it can be difficult to find that perfect wedding band. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our newest sponsor today, Diamond Registry!

Finding unique ways to match your most precious jewelry pieces together is a trend which makes it possible to wear both rings every day. Elaborately shaped wedding bands are becoming more and more popular with brides- to-be around the globe. Diamond Registry — a unique, well-established diamond wholesaler and educational platform in loose diamonds — sees more and more clients asking for elaborately shaped wedding bands mounted with matching diamonds. Why? The choices for matching or coordinating wedding bands available in retail jewelry stores is limited, and price tags are skyrocketing. Through Diamond Registry, customers are able to purchase the diamonds before they reach the retail sector, effectively cutting out the retail margins that easily mark up to 50% of the diamond price. In addition, by buying loose diamonds, the design of the ring is open for you to decide! Customers can make use of Diamond Registry’s in-house jewellers to create their perfect matching wedding band, or bring them to a local jeweller. Your wedding band will be personalized, unique, and not to be found in any retail store!

If you choose an elaborately shaped wedding band, note that it does need precise and accurate craftsmanship, allowing the rings to fit to each other without looking separate. Therefore, creating your own rings together with a  jeweller is recommended. Give Diamond Registry a call to learn how to buy a diamond, to see what is possible and to allow yourself a larger, better quality, or more unique wedding ring for the same budget. Whatever kind of ring style you choose, creating a coordinating set of engagement ring and wedding band will allow you to wear and show off both rings at the same time.

Credits: First Image: Tec Petaja | Second Image: Jose Villa | Third Image: Lani Elias Fine Art Photography | Fourth Image: Rylee Hitchner | Fifth Image: Bryce Covey