Finding the Perfect Location for your Engagement Photos

Did you know that here in North America, more engagements take place between Christmas and Valentine’s Day, than the rest of the year combined? That means that many of you readers are newly engaged and have just started the process of figuring out what you what your wedding to look and feel like, at the same time as trying to find the perfect wedding vendors for your day.

One of the first things that you’ll likely do is look for a great photographer, and then have your engagement photos taken! This session, photographed by Once Wed Premium Vendor Christina Lilly Photography, is the perfect way to show you how you can tell a bit of your story within your engagement photos while staying true to your style. Alaina and Arie wanted to make sure that their engagement photos were taken in locations that represented both their engagement and the exciting journey they were just starting down.

Read on for more from the couple, Arie and Alaina, about how they chose their engagement photo locations:
“When trying to decide where to go to for our engagement sessions, we felt that there were two driving forces – our engagement itself and the physical representation of our beginning.

Marfa was an easy choice because it is both iconic and personal. We took a road trip out to Marfa one weekend in July and it was that weekend that Arie planned to propose. While the proposal didn’t actually happen in Marfa as planned (long story), that trip was still noted in our minds as the fun and adventurous lead up to our biggest adventure yet – marriage.

Our second and most swoon-worthy location was chosen because we wanted a place that was new for us both, given we come from different states and cultural backgrounds. We wanted a place that was a blank canvas to create and yet have it be breathtaking on its own; a place where we wouldn’t need anything but each other to create beautiful memories and images for us to keep forever – the White Sands Desert was exactly that. Between these two places, we felt that we could truly capture our story – love, adventure, the newness of joining different worlds, and the need only for each other to make a beautiful life.”

Photography: Christina Lilly Photography