Elegant DeLille Cellars Wedding

Because of their love for wine, Sierra and Jordan knew that a winery would be the perfect location for their wedding. They both wanted it to have an intimate, but open feel, and be both indoors and outdoors. The Delille Cellars Chateau gave the couple exactly that.

Sierra wanted to give their guests an unforgettable night; she wanted them to have the feeling that they were at a villa in France or Italy enjoying the gardens, drinks, and music. The couple did this by decorating the venue with green garland, votive candles, and gold accents. For the florals, the bouquets were filled with Burgundy peonies and other wine colored flowers, to fit the theme of where they were, and lots of greenery was spread throughout.

Sierra’s dress by Theia Couture, was simple and elegant with an open back. She also wore the veil that her sister had worn in her wedding and a bracelet that was her new sister-in-law surprised he with that belonged to Jordan’s recently passed grandmother. Jordan wore a navy suit paired with a grey tie. The two decided to give their bridal party lots of flexibility when it came to the outfits of the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Sierra gave each of her bridesmaids a color shade and allowed them to pick out their own style dress. Each of their dresses were a taupe-ish color. Jordan allowed his groomsmen to buy and wear their own suit, as long as it matched his.

The couple chose to have a semi-naked cake, small three-tiered. It consisted of both coconut cake, chocolate cake, and a variety of fillings and flavors. They also served “cake bites” on a stick that were an easy treat for the guests to grab. Instead of giving each guest a wedding favor, Sierra and Jordan donated money to the Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center on behalf of each guest that came. Unfortunately, the couple has a few people close to them who are fighting for fought cancer, which is why the organization is so special to them. Fred Hutch even sent them table cards that were set on each person’s plate to honor them and their families. Overall, the couple achieved their goal of an unforgettable night with dancing, drinking, friends and family, and memories to last a lifetime.