Effortless, Elegant Wedding Dresses from Dreamers and Lovers

‘Effortless ease’ is probably not a concept you’re likely to associate with a wedding dress…yet this is precisely what designer Yanique had in mind whilst designing the exquisite new Rhapsody line from Dreamers and Lovers.

This breezy line of dresses harmoniously marries modern simplicity and the romance of boho, perfectly suited for the free-spirited bride. They use weightless, flowing silks and cotton laces, light enough to just catch the wind. The simple boho lines embrace and highlight the feminine form without constricting it, focusing on fit and ease of movement instead of excessive detailing.

“Rhapsody revolved around the first dress in the line, which set the stage for all the other dresses. More than anything I wanted movement and freedom for our brides,” says Yanique, and that’s exactly what she’s achieved.

The campaign for Rhapsody was shot on the California beach, a perfect backdrop for this easygoing, dreamy line of wedding dresses. Makeup and accessories were kept to a minimum during the shoot, highlighting the ethereal, feminine quality of the dresses. Rhapsody possesses all of the romance, without any of the excess: ease of movement, without sacrificing any of the visual appeal.

It’s about being able to take your shoes off and feel the cool sand between your toes. It’s about running to the water with the wind in your hair and the warmth of the sun overhead. It’s about kissing under the stars and feeling the comforting touch of the softest of fabrics against your skin.

Rhapsody captures the soul of romance, the spirit of freedom and comfort, dancing to the music of the waves and moving freely in a celebration of life.

Timelessly feminine, bohemian wedding dresses, lovely enough for your special day but light enough to keep you moving without restriction — able to love, able to live, able to be who you are, a bohemian girl, a dreamer and a lover.

Photographer: Yuri Yatel | Florals: Amy Nicole Floral