Easy DIY Holiday Wreath


Today we have a gorgeous holiday wreath how to from Laura Murray. Wreaths can be a bit daunting, but the tutorial Laura sent over makes the whole process really easy…..

I wanted to make some organic-styled wreaths to decorate my home over the holidays. I gathered much of the materials used to make these wreaths from my in law’s property in the mountains.  I like how these wreaths feel more organic in style and are a bit imperfect.  Plus they are a special reminder of my time spent up in the mountains of Colorado.



First gather the materials you would like to use from nature.  I used scissors to clip greenery from each plant.  To be environmentally friendly, I pulled a little bit from the bottom of a few different trees, as not to harm the tree.


Blue Spruce Clippings
20 Inch Box Wire Wreath Frame
Floral Tape
Floral Design Wire
Hot Glue Gun


1. Arrange the blue spruce clippings around the wreath frame, until you have no blank spaces remaining.
2. Use a mix of floral tap and wire to attach the clippings to the frame.
3. Tie a bow and hot glue it to the bottom of the wreath.

Photography and Tutorial: Laura Murray Photography