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Okay, ladies, what’s the best dress to choose for your wedding vow renewal ceremony? If you haven’t yet read our page on wedding vow renewal etiquette, we highly recommend stopping there first. It’s a great read and will get your plans on the right track.

Unless you are thinking about recreating your original wedding by wearing your original wedding gown, (and if you can still fit into that dress, kudos to you!) the dress you select for your wedding vow renewal shouldn’t look like a wedding dress. It’s time to think outside of the box and showcase your evolved style!

We’re breaking it all down for you today. Before you begin shopping, let’s have a look at our simple dress guide for your newest big day!

What Is A Vow Renewal Dress?

Vow renewals aren’t second weddings, so think more along the lines of fancy cocktail dresses or evening dresses and, of course, matching the formality of the dress to your renewal ceremony location and style.

The formality of the dress can be determined by length, style, and fabric, while the formality of the ceremony is based on time of day and location. That being said, typically vow renewals are less formal than weddings (the dresses for vow renewals are less formal than weddings too).

The wedding vow renewal is an intimate ceremony so select an appropriate dress — one that screams romance. And ladies, go ahead and choose white. It’s the symbol of joy and no longer signifies virginity or purity.

Remember, a wedding (and the wedding dress) is really a once in a lifetime event. Don’t dilute the memory of that wedding (and that special dress) by trying to recreate it. You can still dazzle your hubby (go wild if renewing at a far-off private destination) with a gorgeous dress. There are lots to choose from these days.

Dresses To Wear For Vow Renewal: Questions Answered

Vow Renewal Dress Too Formal?

Question: My husband and I have been married for 10 years. I already purchased a dress I fear is too formal and need suggestions to “downplay” it. I hear it would be better to wear my hair down with not elaborate jewelry? I am not wearing a veil or gloves. The dress has a small train that I will tie up. Anything else I can do?

Answer: I would suggest returning this dress and selecting something new which would look less like a wedding dress, which is what your dress seems to be (trains). Please read our pages on vow renewals and the etiquette involved. We have an entire page on dresses for vow renewals too. Read More

Wedding Dress For Vow Renewal For Our 30th Anniversary

Question: My husband and I did not have a traditional wedding when we married nearly 30 years ago. I didn’t have a wedding dress or him a tux and we had only a small informal gathering after the ceremony. We have always felt we left things undone and now that we have the money we want to renew our vows in hopes of gaining the “wedding memory” we didn’t have before. I keep reading that a wedding dress is inappropriate. This breaks my heart. Please help.

Answer: I’d have traded my wedding dress (and all of the “stuff” that went along with it) to have been able to celebrate another anniversary with my husband. He died shortly after we celebrated our third year together. Just want to help you put it all in perspective.

You have a lot to celebrate and having a vow renewal ceremony with a reception afterward sounds terrific. Although the dress shouldn’t be a wedding dress or resemble one, you can certainly buy a beautiful dress to wow your husband, even after all these years! Read More

Can I Wear A Real Wedding Dress For Vow Renewal?

Question: My husband & I are planning to renew our wedding vows this year on our anniversary. I did research that says the dress for a renewal should be informal. When we got married I just wore a dress that you would wear to church. One of the things that I want different is that I want a “real” wedding dress. Is this going to be ok?

Answer: No, since this is not a wedding, and you are not a bride, you won’t wear a wedding dress. However, the dress can be as formal as the event you’re planning. Just select something that coordinates with the type of event you’re hosting. There are many beautiful choices. Select something appropriate for your age, venue and the fact that you are already a wife.

Remember, renewing your vows should be all about the ceremony, vows and the feelings between you and your husband and is not a wedding do-over. Make that your focus. You can read more about dresses for vow renewals here. Read More

Can I Go Sexy For My Vow Renewal?

Before you ask, the answer is a resounding YES. You can go with a sexy white cocktail dress for your vow renewal. In fact, short white wedding dresses or short white cocktail dresses are perfect for vow renewals. They are a chance to have some fun and feel sexy in front of your husband and your close family and friends without going overboard or being inappropriate.

The great news is that there are lots of choices when it comes to a short white wedding dress. Design often make these for rehearsal dinners, bridal showers and as a reception option not to mention wearing it again after the big day. That means a great range of options from many designers and many price points.

To help you on your vow renewal dress idea hunt, here are some of our recent favorite short white wedding dresses or short white cocktail dresses we think are perfect for a vow renewal. Read More.

5 Stunning Examples of Perfect Vow Renewal Gowns

Jonathan Simkhai Lace Dress

Jonathan Simkhai Lace Dress

  • Buy: Net-A-Porter
  • Price: $925
  • Type: Silk-Georgette Maxi Dress

Stunning for destination affairs and intimate ceremonies, it feels bridal but casual enough to fit a renewal instead of a first wedding. Show off a bit of skin in a sophisticated way!

The dress is a true to size fit, so no worries about having to order two or three sizes bigger than what you normally wear. It’s also a great price point for a designer piece.

Show Me Your Mumu Jen Maxi Gown

Show Me Your Mumu Jen Maxi Gown

  • Buy: Nordstrom
  • Price: $198-$216
  • Type: Flowing Chiffon Gown

Chic and beautiful on a variety of sizes and shapes, this is a traditional look at will look incredibly no matter the venue or time of year. It’s a piece that can blend and become quite versatile for any style of event.

It’s not too fussy, it won’t break the bank, and you’ll easily be able to style and personalize the overall look to your liking.

Temps De L’Amour White Lace Dress

Temps De L’Amour White Lace Dress

  • Buy: Lulu’s
  • Price: $66
  • Type: Lace Bodycon Midi Dress

Here’s something even more casual and a bit sexier. You don’t have to go extra formal, instead, you can go cocktail style like this beautiful little number.

This one will be even easier to pack if you’re thinking of including a getaway into the mix of your vow renewal. The design highlights a woman’s figure in a stunning way while remaining on the sophisticated side.

Shop online for discounts on dresses for vow renewals, informal wedding dresses, and dresses for the guests invited to the wedding vow renewal ceremony.

Happy dress shopping!

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