DIY Wild Vine Arch Wedding Ideas


This DIY is simply amazing- not because it is very elaborate or because it’s full of beautiful flowers, but because it’s one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” things. Anyone could easily replicate it on their wedding day a few hours before it all starts. If you use the right kind of foliage, you don’t even have to worry about keeping it in water. With the simple addition of vines, you can make any room or wall look like an abandoned building that nature has taken over.

Thanks to Ginny Au and Sarah Winward for sending over this absolutely lovely DIY, and let us know how it goes if you get the chance to try it out!



Wild vine arch DIY:


Greenery, anything that lasts out of water will do!
Fishing line
Gaffers tape

1. To create the arch I would sort out your vines, and find a few good starting pieces. If you have to you can put a couple together to make some nice long strings, you can.
2. Place the vines against your backdrop and hang them. We used a combination of taping to the wall and hanging here.
3. Continue to build the shape by places pieces on both sides of the center, curving in towards each other.  We placed some pieces further out from the wall so that the arch had dimension, and looked like it was growing in layers rather then just being flat.  We hung these with fishing line from the ceiling.
4. Asymmetry is key to make this feel natural, we let the arch puddle up on the floor on one side, and kept it really light at the base on the other so that it has some movement.

Photography: Rylee Hitchner | Creative Direction: Ginny Au | Floral Design: Honey of a Thousand Flowers | Hair and Makeup: Aubrey Nelson