DIY Low Knot

DIYLowKnowUpdo_V1 (1)

We love a good hair tutorial, and we know that you do, too! This low knot is an incredibly versatile hairstyle, easily dressed up with a slinky gown and casual enough for a Sunday brunch. This style works well with mid-length to long hair, wavy or straight. Keep reading for the full step-by-step tutorial so that you can recreate this look for yourself!

-Dry shampoo
-Texturizing spray
-Elastic hair tie
-Handful of bobby pins


Low Knot:
1: Spray a dry shampoo into the roots and mist the ends of the hair with a texturizing or surf spray. Flip the head over and massage fingers through hair to work product in evenly and to give lift at the roots. A little texture will give the hair more interest and also help hold the style in place.
2: Gather all of the hair low on the neck in a ponytail and secure with an elastic.
3: Loop the tail of the pony through the elastic halfway, leaving several inches of the tail out.
Rough up the loop portion with your fingers by tugging on pieces of hair to make the knot fuller and more textured.
4: Take part of the tail/loose hair and twist it around the loop to cover the hair elastic. Secure the end of the tail on the underside of the elastic/knot with a couple of bobby pins to finish the style.
This style can be as lose and messy, or as neat as you like. Feel free to finish by loosening pieces around the face or spray final style in place to keep it neat.

Photography: Katie Hyatt (Laura Catherine Organic Photographs) | Hair and Makeup: Claudia Mejerle | Linen Top:  Linen Cortese Top from Shoppe Signora