DIY Eyeshadow For Your Eye Color: Green/Hazel


I am so excited to unveil a little series from Amy Clarke and Bryce Covey, Eyeshadow For Your Eye Color. Amy suggested the idea on a recent shoot, and I think it’s brilliant because I always find myself struggling to pick the right colors for eyeshadow. Anybody else walk into Sephora and feel overwhelmed by all the choices in front of you? I know I do, so I can’t wait to unveil more tutorials for blue and brown eyes coming soon.


Amy’s advice is  “When picking eyeshadow colors for your eyes, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the color wheel. Wear the opposite of your eye color to make your eye color pop! For Green/Hazel eyes you’ll want to try wearing deep purples and plums, pinks, cranberry and rust colors.” Below is a gorgeous tutorial for a beautiful cranberry and rust eye…


Here’s how to achieve this easy eyeshadow look I created for our model with green eyes.

1. Start off with an eyeshadow base or primer. Cream concealers work great, but if you tend to have oilier lids, use a primer. I used a paint pot from MAC in “Painterly”. Apply a thin layer to your whole lid and under your lash line.

2. Using a crease eyeshadow brush, apply a warm, matte rust color eyeshadow to your crease and lash line, creating a sideways “V” on your lid and blend well. I used Jane Iredale’s Crease brush and MAC’s eyeshadow in “Red Brick”.

3. Next, using a mini fluff brush, apply a small amount of the same rust eyeshadow color to your lower lash line, from the outer part of your eye, to just past the center of your eye. I used MAC’s #228.

4. Apply a darker warm brown color to your crease & lashline using the same small fluff brush and creating a smaller version of a sideways “V”. This will define and pop your crease. I used Makeup Forever’s Matte Shadow #161

5. Without adding any more product, use the same crease brush and blend the colors together.

6. Define your lower lash line by applying the same darker brown color to just the outer part of your lower lid.

7. Brush on a shimmery gold color to your lid, lower lash line and inner coroners of your eyes to really open them up. I used MAC’s eyeshadow in “Amber Lights”.

Photography: Bryce Covey | Makeup: Amy Clarke | Hair: Heidi Marie Garrett | Creative Direction: Emily Newman for Once Wed