DIY Chair Garland

On Monday we shared a few tips from Ashley Beyer and Kelly Perry on how best to forage for your own wedding, and today we’re excited to show you how to use those beautiful foraged greens in your wedding decor with these stunning chair garlands! Keep reading for the full materials list and step-by-step tutorial.
Materials Used

– Beautiful Chairs


-Flexible draping greenery (we used Russian olive)

-Sturdier greenery in various shapes (we used herbs from Ashley’s garden like sage and rosemary)

-Medium Gage wire


1. Using strips of wire, begin attaching the base greenery to the chair. Choose pieces that naturally drape to fit the shape of the chair.

2. Continue layering olive until you have almost reached your desired thickness

3. Add herb bundles. To create bundles, arrange smaller pieces of the sturdier greens in your hand, placing them in the area you would like to cover to measure and guide you as you arrange. Bind in the bundle with wire and leave extra wire on each side to attach to the chair. You may need to use an additional piece of wire neatly threaded behind a few key pieces of the bundle to add extra support higher up the bundle to keep it in place.

4. Finish the chair treatment by draping additional olive to the ground if desired.

Photography: Heather Payne | DIY: Ashley Beyer of Tinge and Kelly Perry of Philoposphy Flowers