DIY Busy Bags for Kids to Keep Them Occupied

Weddings are a lot of fun and entertaining for adults but kids often get restless and need to keep busy and occupied. Providing a little activity bag is inexpensive and a nice touch to keep them entertained, especially during the reception. There are so many different items you can put in them but here are a few ideas to get you started.

Add An Activity Coloring Book

Coloring never gets old, even for the adults! I made up a little booklet of coloring pages, a little tic tac toe game, and maze. I found some wedding themed coloring pages and games online and then just printed them myself. Cut them all the same size and staple together. 

 I also included a few crayons wrapped with some string to keep them tidy.

Don’t Forget To Add The…

  • Playdoh. You can find small containers at any craft store. 
  • Stickers. Include some fun ones for girls and boys. 

By putting them inside a nice white paper bag your also providing another canvas for them to decorate with their crayons and stickers. 

These little bags are so simple and fun to make. The parents will thank you and really appreciate the extra touch of providing some much-needed entertainment for their little ones.