Dinner Made Easy With Blue Apron

Blue Apron. Chances are you’ve heard of it. It’s the meal delivery service that the internet has completely fallen in love with, offering original recipes and perfectly proportioned ingredients, tailored to you and sent straight to your front door. We were lucky enough to try out a 3 Meal Plan right before the holidays and are so excited to continue our subscription into 2017!

Here’s how it works: After signing up, simply choose a meal plan, customize your menu, and schedule your first delivery. The fresh ingredients for our chosen meals were carefully packaged in a refrigerated box and delivered exactly at the designated time. Quick note: If you’re the jet-setting type, you can easily skip a week whenever you plan to be away from home.

Now we’ve definitely heard that Blue Apron meals are delicious (a quick trip down the #blueapron thread on Instagram hinted at that), but we what we didn’t expect was how much fun we would have with preparing the meals. There’s something so sweet about slowing down, pouring a couple of glasses of wine, and spending a bit of time in the kitchen with your special someone. No trip to the grocery store necessary!

Treat yourself and your honey to the joy and ease of cooking with Blue Apron this year by signing up here.