Destination Bali Wedding

Alright ladies and gentlemen….I need to warn you: You’re going to need to brace yourselves. What you’re about to see is the first installment of three of a crazy cool wedding. Its not like anything we’ve ever seen. Fortunately their amazing photographer, Jonas Peterson, gave us an explanation behind this incredible celebration so sit tight and we’ll walk you through it….

Meet Elora. From Jonas: “Elora used to be the head print designer for DKNY. She was raised in Bali because her father founded his jewellery business there in the 70s. John Hardy is a very interesting man. He built up this jewellery empire which he decided to sell after he watched Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth”. He then went on to found a “Green School” in Bali. It’s all about living an ecological life. If you have time he’s done a TED talk about his change of direction. He went from being the largest private employer in Bali to running a school.

His daughter is fascinating in the same way. After becoming an overnight hit in NYC, she met her future husband Rajiv, and they decided to move back to Bali, where Elora now builds insanely beautiful houses made from bamboo. She’s also talked on TED about her journey.

Elora and Rajiv’s wedding was like nothing I’ve experienced before. It was more a cultural experience than it was a simple wedding. The details were in everything and because of that, there’s aren’t many “traditional” wedding details, no flower or table arrangements etc. It was a green wedding in the true sense of the word.


Here you’ll find images from all three days of the celebrations, but I wanted to go through what’s going on, so you get an idea.
Day One: At dawn the guest were picked up and driven on the back of a truck into the rainforest. That morning John Hardy took the guests on a hike, showed them how the irrigation system of the rice paddies work and we learned the ins and out of harvesting rice. After that people had a refreshing bath/shower in the spring on the back of the Hardy residence.
Rajiv’s family is Indian (they live in the US), so the first night was an Indian ceremony and insane dance party….”
That’s just Day One. Next we’ll show you the ceremonies….


Photography by Jonas Peterson