Desert Wedding Inspiration with a Sunset Palette

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the most beautifully designed events are those that take inspiration from their environment. In the case of this floral retreat workshop, hosted by Bows & Arrows Flowers and photographed by Kayla Barker, everything was based on the west Texas desert landscape. The muted sunset palette (with a few pops of bolder color for some vibrancy) fits in perfectly, while textural elements set a gorgeous scene that fits in so well with the desert scape: rough linen napkins, wood chairs sourced from the venue, and a standout lace dress.

If you’re a floral designer who wants to learn how to design like Bows & Arrows does, you can learn all their tips and secrets in their online course, The Fine Art of Floral Design

Read on for more from Alicia of Bows & Arrows Flowers:

“This private intensive floral retreat workshop was devoted to the beauty of the landscape and architecture of the space. We based our color palette on the west Texas desert scape and drew design inspiration from our surrounding environment.

We created the figure and the environment. Students learned the hand tied method of building a bouquet, the hand work of boutonnieres + corsages, the art of the floral headpiece, and building large-scale installations for the environment. Students also learned the art of floral arranging in a vessel using a loose and airy touch, translating to centerpieces, which became part of our tablescape design.

Each attendee styled their work and had the pleasure of working alongside West Texas native and film photographer, Kayla Barker. Kayla documented our designs within the walls of the Gage Hotel, telling two distinct stories and sharing her knowledge of photographing florals.”

Floral Design & Workshop Host: Bow & Arrows | Photography: Kayla Barker Fine Art Photography | Venue: Gage Hotel | Ribbons: FrouFrou Chic | Make-Up: Let’s Face It Make-Up Studio | Designer of Ruffle Dress: Tatyana Merenyuk  | Designer of Off-Shoulder Dress: Rue de Seine | Rue de Seine Dress Courtesy of: The Dress Theory  | Runner: Silk & Willow | Calligraphy: Written Word Calligraphy | Leather Engraving: Paper Birch Designs