Custom Destination Photography from Adam Kealing

Wedding photography not only has the wonderful ability to capture the most important day of your lives, but it can also turn your cherished moments into works of art. That’s what our Once Wed Premium Vendor Adam Kealing does.

Adam is an award winning photographer with an itch for adventure and a gift for telling epic stories. Through his lens he sees drama, scale, and perspective and transforms a real life moment into artwork. His weddings have taken him all over the world from Bhutan, Antigua, London and Paris, to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico. He loves to travel and explore, but more importantly, he loves to open up his arms for his clients to join him.

The connection between photographer and couple is so important. You’re spending a majority of your wedding day with one another after all, and sharing some of the most special and intimate moments of your life. Adam focuses on getting to know his clients and helps them to enjoy their day.
With his warm personality and a spirited heart, he creates a one of a kind experience for his couples.

Are you ready for a wedding adventure whether in your own backyard or across the globe? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Adam to discuss your 2016 or 2017 date. No distance is too far.