Cufflinks for the Groom: 14 Great Etsy Finds

superhero cufflinks

A perfect addition to the groomsmen’s gift bags or as a way to show love to your groom on the morning of the big day, these Etsy finds will finish off the men’s look with personalized ease. We love how funky and chic these handmade pieces end up being and they hold sentimental value that won’t be lost with time.

The great part is, you can buy for multiple people and not break the bank (or your budget) by using cufflinks as your thank you. Let’s have a look at these 14 designs we loved the most and where you can snag them at!

14 Etsy Cufflinks for the Groom

Personalized Wood Cufflinks (with Monograms)

wooden cufflinks for groomsmen

Store: Hart Gift Co

Price: $15

It’s a personalized gift and an affordable one too. But, mostly, they’re unique! When is the last time you saw a pair of wooden cufflinks? They fit right into the farmhouse or rustic trend in the wedding world right now and would be great for groomsmen that will be outside in nature throughout the event!

Custom Vintage Map Cufflinks

vintage custom map cufflinks

Store: Retro Beads & Bangles

Price: $20.24

Here’s another way to personalize your gifts to the groomsmen and give them something to dawn on the big day. Customize their cufflinks with their hometown, favorite city, or even where the two of your started your friendship. There are so many different routes to take with this one.

Handmade T-Rex Cufflinks

handmade dinosaur cufflinks

Store: Asteria Accessories

Price: $14.85

If you really wanna rock the boat and do something more unique, why not add some T-Rex into the day’s mix of style. The photos will be bomb and the memories attached to these cuties long after will be priceless. Adding to your groomsmen’s collection with these will always be a smile-inducer.

Vintage Style Typewriter Cufflinks

vintage typewriter cufflinks

Store: Bits and Badges

Price: $15.95

Typewriter cufflinks are fun and help out with a vintage tone of a wedding. But even more so, they’re personalized too! Use the groomsmen’s initials to seal the deal – we love how every set will be unique in more than one way by going with this design.

Real Baseball Cufflinks

real baseball cufflinks

Store: Sports Cufflinks

Price: $24.99

We’re partial to baseball but you can do this with basketball and football too! Real pieces from their favorite sports ball can be used to create a set of cufflinks that last forever. Everyone can get their best-loved set!


Avocado Cufflinks

avocado cufflinks

Store: Kate and Rose Vintage

Price: $18.66

This one is quirky, funny, and right on trend. If that’s more your style as a couple, go for it! Your groomsmen will play along and the photo ops will be endlessly adorable. You can piggyback off this idea too and go for other “foodie” themed ideas – pizza, tacos, beer mugs, and more!

Black Flower Cufflinks

black flower cufflinks

Store: Peach Tree Lane

Price: $16

For a more interesting take on the classic cufflink, go for something like this. These black floral links are perfect for a variety of themed events. From “Day of the Dead” parties to those with a more art deco vision, why not go offbeat with these cuties?

Whiskey Barrel and Olive Wood Cufflinks

whiskey barrel cufflinks

Store: Tim’s Wood Designs

Price: $17

We’re in love with this whiskey barrel and olive wood cufflinks. Real pieces were taken and fit into the little masterpieces! Your groomsmen will sure to love this sentiment and rock them even after the big day is over.

Superhero Cufflinks

superhero cufflinks

Store: Greener’s Weddings

Price: $11.98+

Of course, everyone could be a different superhero for the big day as well – and coincide with some socks. From Thor to Captain America to Iron Man to the Hulk, you’ll have a fun time picking the right hero to each of your leading men. They’ll love to open these as their thank you from you!

Mustang Cufflinks

mustang cufflinks

Store: Elegant Locket Shop

Price: $12.99+

It’s hard not to love these chic Mustang cufflinks. If you’re a big fan or maybe it’s a part of the friendship, these beauties will work. But it inspired us to go further as well. You could also incorporate Jeep lovers or VW fans as well!

Watch Movement Cufflinks

watch movement cufflinks

Store: Steampunk Luxury

Price: $19.99+

These “watch movement” cufflinks are just really cool. The design is contemporary and artistic, which fits nicely within those weddings that are full of modern and fashion-forward energy. If you’re looking for different but not kitschy, check these out.


Beach Glass Cufflinks

beach glass cufflinks

Store: Bjeweled Vintage

Price: $15.95

A bit of beach glass will work for your tropical affairs. If you’re jetting off and having a destination wedding on the beach, why not go with a design like this to finish off your groomsmen’s outfits? It’s unique and fits seamlessly with the theme of the day.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Cufflinks

Store: Vector Engraving

Price: $18

Of course, if you’ve got some Star Wars fans of your hands, you could snag some Millenium Falcon beauties for them to rock. There are so many different designs out there to choose from as well, we just like the hipster charm of these pieces!

Fender Guitar Pick Cufflinks

guitar pick cufflinks

Store: Bjeweled Vintage

Price: $15.95

And finally, for those guys that love a bit of rock and roll, guitar picks to act as perfect cufflinks. There are a variety of colors to choose from so you can personalize everyone’s look quite nicely. Whether the dudes were in a band together or they’re just big music lovers, there are so many different reasons why this design works!