Creating a Wedding Inspiration Board

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There is no question Pinterest can be a goldmine when seeking inspiration for your wedding design. But, with so much information it can also make you feel bogged down or overwhelmed with the massive amount of options. We asked creative director and stylist, Rebekah Carey McNall, of A & B Creative to share with us her tips for creating a wedding inspiration board.

Be true to yourself

I am always telling our couples that what makes me feel the most prideful about my work is when I hear family or friends telling the couple that the wedding is “so them”. I strongly believe that your wedding should not be one that would look just the same if you were swapped out for another couple. To achieve this you have to know how to use Pinterest, and when it’s time to step away.

So where do I start? 

Not on Pinterest! First, think about things that are special to the two of you and your families and venue. Did your fiance propose while you were out on a mini golf course? Maybe you can have a small putting area at your reception along with other lawn games. Do you love to travel? Perhaps your escort display is your guests names on a vintage map. Does your family have any special traditions that you can weave into your wedding, or a special song, or dish or cocktail? Maybe you grandparents house was the mecca of all family gatherings and there was a game you always played together, you could find those cards and make them what your guests sign as a guestbook alternative. This will help you to feel less of a need to copy a trend you might see a lot of and stay strong to whatever has meaning to you.

Once you’ve tried to think of significant memories, traditions and activities you both cherish, you’re ready to turn to Pinterest.

What is the best way to search for wedding inspiration on Pinterest? 

Think about all of the different elements your wedding needs to have, i.e. guestbook, ceremony seating, table numbers, etc. and then search for those specific things in relation to your wedding. If you’re getting married in an outdoor venue you may search, “garden wedding guestbook” or “lawn games wedding.” By searching this way you’re beginning to think of what is special to you and pertinent to your wedding first, then how you want them to look secondly. I think that this makes you more mindful, practical and focused while still being able to gather inspiration.

Look beyond wedding images for ideas

I also think a great way to get inspiration from Pinterest for your wedding is by looking in less obvious places like the texture of a plant up close, or the ridges of coral, etc. You never know where inspiration can strike, but having a plan can help it feel a lot less overwhelming.