Consider These Things Before Picking Your Wedding Shoe

Yes, picking your dress is probably first on your list of things to do once you get engaged. But somewhere close to the top of that list will be choosing your wedding shoe. Before you go shopping, here are some suggestions by L.K. Bennett on things to consider:

Does the style of shoe work with the style of your dress?

Your shoe should compliment the general feel of your wedding dress. If you’re opting for a vintage gown, then you may want to consider wedding shoes to fit the era of the gown. All lace and with a bohemian vibe? Then maybe a 1960s inspired platform would be a good choice. Thinking more of a modern slip dress? Then consider a shoe that harkens back to those worn by the leading ladies of the golden age of cinema in the 1930s. Be sure to take into account the length of your dress. If you have an extra-long train, you may consider a simpler shoe to prevent possible snags or trips. 

Will it Match Your Venue?

Being practical is probably not your number one priority when drooling over shoe choices – but it probably should be. Considering your venue and the area where your entrance will be taking place are a must. If you’re having a beach wedding where the terrain may present an issue, you might want to consider a wedge or lower heel. If the venue has a grand staircase, opting for a flat shoe may prevent a tumble.

What is Your Personal Style?

A key to staying radiant all day long on your wedding day is to make sure you are as comfortable as possible.  Keep this in mind when deciding on what is going to adorn your feet. You may be someone who can run a marathon in pumps. If so, then go ahead and make your entrance in 4-inch pumps. If not, then be sure and choose a heel height that is one you know you can be in for long periods. No matter what you choice, it is always a good idea to wear your shoes around the house for several hours prior to your wedding day to ensure a blissful fit.

Why Not Pick More Than One Pair?

Another fun and practical option is to switch up your shoes from ceremony to reception. What if you are getting married in a church or synagogue and then afterward you are having a backyard reception? Going from glamorous to casual in your footwear would make sense (and of course then you get to buy two pairs of shoes).

How Much are You Willing to Spend?

Your budget is something you always need to keep in mind throughout every phase of planning your wedding. There is no right or wrong amount to spend on wedding shoes. If bridal fashion is an important part of the wedding for you, and you feel the freedom to splurge, then go for it! After all, it’s not every day you get married. If other aspects of the wedding are more important to you, take into consideration buying shoes you can wear after the wedding. Shoes with shimmering sequins might not get as much wear as a lovely nude-colored shoe would after your wedding.

Who Is In Your Circle?

Last, but certainly not least, reach out to your trusted circle of friends. Let’s face it, wedding planning can feel overwhelming with all the complex decisions you have to juggle at once. Making sure every detail lands perfectly on your wedding day takes patience, planning and luck. Relying on wise counsel is essential for every successful wedding. It’s totally understandable if shoe shopping is not in your wheelhouse. Stick to your strengths and lean on others you trust to help you select the shoe that looks and feels the best.

No matter what your choice is, it should be a shoe you love that makes you feel wonderful! Thanks to LK Bennett for this great advice on finding the right wedding shoes.

Shoe shown: Jenny Packham for LKB

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