Choosing a Veil Length and Style that Best Matches Your Style

How many dresses do you think you will try on before finding the perfect wedding dress? For some, it can take months and 100’s of dresses to find something that feels just right. The collection of Pinterest boards, hours of online browsing, and dollars spent on thick, thick wedding magazines seems totally worthwhile when you finally nail down a style that is totally perfect.

The dress seems to always come first, but a veil can top your entire wedding look off and transform you into a radiant bride – no matter what your style may be. Just think about how many times guests on “Say Yes To The Dress” were neutral about a certain wedding dress until the show’s host placed a perfectly positioned veil on their head.  Sometimes the wedding dress you don’t particularly like at first glance can turn out to be “the one” after you add that special something.

Whether you are going for a Boho or Romantic-Modern Wedding, there is a wedding veil that complements your gown and style perfectly! We looked to our friends at Anomalie to help explain the different lengths and types of affordable veils that are available to brides these days. With over 30 custom veils in their new signature veil collection and so many versatile designs, they certainly are an expert.

So, what are the most popular veils lengths and tiers?

Cathedral Veil Length: This is the most formal, statement-making of veil lengths and tends to be longer than the train of the wedding dress.

Court Veil Length:   A court veil falls to the floor and extends just a few inches on the floor. Along with the cathedral veil, the court length veil is one of the most traditional bridal veils.

Fingertip Veil Length: This is a playful length that hits just below the hips and can be trimmed with beads or other features for a more interesting look.

Single Tier Veil:  This type of veil has just one layer and is considered a simpler veil choice and for a bride that does not want to be covered down the aisle.

Double Tier Veil:  This type of veil has two layers of different lengths, one long and one short, so the second tier creates a cascading effect down the back or can be pulled over the face into a blusher.  Double Tier Veils are usually available in all lengths of those with just a single layer.

Now, which veil fits your style the best?

The Boho Bride: 
Decorated with Guipure Cotton Lace, the Vintage Vines adds the right amount of elegance to a bohemian flair. The Vintage Vines is dressed in bobbin lace for a thicker design. The Boho Bride can go long, add a blusher or even add a flower crown to make the veil her own.

The Romantic Bride:  No mistake `here, the Oopsie Daisy is the perfect pair for the Romantic Bride. This veil holds bold florals in its design and is intertwined with a delicate floral pattern.  It is the accessory every romantic bride will want. 

The Fashionista Bride: If you are a fashionista at heart, this Hint of Sparkle is the perfect look for you. A veil entwined with a combination of clear sequins, bugle and seed beads is sure to stand out. 

The Sophisticated Bride: The Sophisticated bride knows exactly what she wants. The Simply Scalloped veil has a finished scalloped lace paired with a delicate floral pattern.

The Classic Bride: This Royal Treatment style may be just for you. A wider chantilly trim gives off cathedral vibes and is the most formal of all veils. Choose to combine this dramatic look with a beaded crown or beret.  

The Modern Bride: Tulle Have + To Hold, and forever more! This romantic cut is a twist on the classic tulle veil with a raw cut edge. Whether you choose to wear a blusher or go without, the tulle veil will make you look sweet and giddy for your big day.

Every bride is different, and most wedding dresses look different once paired with a veil. Don’t be afraid to get outside your comfort zone. You may be surprised at your transformation.