Cheers to the Weekend

Happy Friday, lovelies! It’s been a long week and we’ve been working like busy little bees to get ready for the launch of our new shop section and vendor guide. It’s *almost* ready and we can’t wait to reveal it all! In the meantime, we’re sharing this week’s Small Talk Big Day video from Wedding Paper Divas, which covers how to be the best wedding guest you can be!

Don’t have time to watch? No problem! Here are some take-aways from the video:

  • Don’t be that guest – We all know that guest, the one who makes themselves the center of attention! Go easy on the bubbly, be a good sport about any and all festivities, and have a great time celebrating the couple. What are your ideas on how to fit in on the big day?
  • Dress appropriately – If you’re not sure what to wear, align your outfit with the season or with the wedding venue. Still stumped? Check with the couple’s family or with a member of the bridal party, and make sure you’re sensitive to any cultural traditions or preferences. What’s your best advice on wedding-appropriate attire?
  • Post with caution – Amber advises to keep an eye out for any specific social media requests from the couple. If you don’t see any, feel free to follow their lead when it comes to posting. Thoughts on social-savvy vs. unplugged weddings?

This week’s lovely finds from our favorite blogs:
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