Two Hearts and Two Cultures Collide in a Bright, Fine Art Style Celebration of Love in New York City

From Yulia, the photographer: 

“The Big Apple is an endless inspiration for millions of people, and of course, the wedding industry is not an exception. Standing along amongst numerous other cities it attracts and inspires with its majestic urban glory and the architectural and multicultural mix. This is exactly what inspired Yulia Galygina, making her cover 10000 kilometers each time she arrives to capture silent moments of calmness and special moments when joined in holy matrimony two hearts become one. It is something very intimate but can look so gorgeous on the streets of NY. The NY Public Library was chosen as one of the center points of the photo shoot as a remarkable fine-art piece that comes along very well with the Italian groom and gorgeous modern fine art wedding gown that look so harmonic together. A gorgeous example of the city that has a million faces, and in this case, it is a piece of Italy in NY when the viewer can get lost when thinking how amazingly great these two cultures come along together just like the two people, who decided to unite their lives and make it one.”

Alessandro & Yulia | Photographer: Yulia Galygina | Dress/Outfit Designer: Shkafpodrugi | Film Lab: Lighthouse Film Lab | Jewelry: Givenchy