11 Amazing Bridal Photos With Classic Cars (& How to Recreate Them)

Looking for something unique for your bridal portraits? Many brides are opting to feature classic cars or trucks during their bridal photo session. The car may be a family vehicle that’s been around for decades, borrowed from a friend who collects and restores classic cars, or even a rented vintage car just for fun! Here’s how to recreate each classic car bridal portrait.

1. Pose In Front Of A Classic Car

Pose In Front Of A Classic Car

Courtesy: vanessahicksphotography.com

This pose truly encompasses everything you could ever want in a bridal photo. Pick a venue of your choice—whether it’s the outside of the venue where you’re getting married or an old building around town.

Make sure the photographer captures the beautiful architecture around you and gets the entire vintage car in the shot. Of course, the star of the photo is you—the beautiful bride! This is a great opportunity to show off your entire gown, veil and anything else you want to display in your bridal portrait.

2.  Pose Sitting Inside A Classic Car

Pose Sitting Inside A Classic Car

Courtesy: storenvy.com

We love so many things about this photo. This pose gives you the opportunity to get close enough to see the intricate details of your dress and the beautiful expression on your face. You can tell the car is vintage without even seeing the outside, like the door handles, windows and car seat cushions.

The beauty about this pose is that it can happen anywhere since you can’t see outside the car! Uses the door frame as a natural cropping tool. This also allows the portrait to feel more intimate. Pro tip: Make sure the floor of the car is clean!

3. Pose Sitting On Top Of A Classic Car

Pose Sitting On Top Of A Classic Car

Courtesy: inspiredbythis.com

This photo just gives us retro vibes. If you’re wearing a short dress (or just want to show off your cute shoes) this is a must-do pose. We love the little hint of flirty attitude in this bridal portrait. After the wedding, we can totally see this as your husband’s new screensaver.

For this pose, have the front of the car facing the camera. With a little help, sit on the hood of the car and carefully cross your legs. Rest your feet on the front bumper for extra balance. Then look straight at the camera with a cute and playful smirk.

4. Pose Stepping Out Of A Classic Car

Pose Stepping Out Of A Classic Car

Courtesy: brideandbreakfast.ph

Time to show off that extra-long veil or train! This bridal portrait shows off the gorgeous details of your dress, but you don’t have to stand for a long period of time. This pose looks like you’re about to walk into the venue or church on your actual wedding day.

Sit in the back of the vintage car behind the passenger seat. Move up the passenger seat if you’re able to for extra leg room. Put one foot out on the pavement and lean forward, pretending like you’re about to step out. Have a family member or friend spread out your veil and/or long train on a diagonal path next to you, creating a long line leading to your face. Tilt your head back in the direction of the train path to get a good look at your full face.

5. Pose Stepping Out Of A Classic Car

Pose Stepping Out Of A Classic Car

Courtesy: adastudioinc.com

Want to feel like a glamorous movie star bride from the 1950’s? Add a red carpet! This pose has so many cool elements to it. Turning most of the photo into black and white feels vintage but adding pops of color makes the rest of the photo feel modern.

Have the photographer park the classic car next to a driveway so the carpet in front of you can lay flat. Stand at the beginning of the carpet, spread your arms out and lean back on the car. Turn your head to the side for an even more dramatic pose. Lay your bouquet in front of you so that the focal point and leading line of color draws straight to you and your wedding gown.

6. Pose Of Close-up Bridal Features Inside A Classic Car

Pose Of Close-up Bridal Features Inside A Classic Car

Courtesy: rocknrollbride.com

This pose emphasizes how your groom will see you on your wedding day. The goal here is to really see your gorgeous face. You’ll notice that none of the wedding gown is shown, but a glimpse of your veil is showing out the window.

To make it appear as if you’re driving with the wind flowing through your hair, roll the window down and have the photographer stop the car halfway down a long road. Be sure you can see the depth of field behind you as well. To show off any special accessories or your bouquet, place your hands and arms outside of the classic vehicle. Make sure the photographer gets close enough to show off your bridal makeup and hair too!

7.  Pose With Your Dress Flowing Out Of A Classic Car

Pose With Your Dress Flowing Out Of A Classic Car

Courtesy: ruffledblog.com

If you’re wearing a ballgown or a dress with a very full skirt, this pose definitely emphasizes the volume. The focus of this photo should be the gown detail, so blur the background since it’s not essential.

To get the full affect, open the car door and carefully sit in the front seat. Turn sideways slightly to allow the bottom of the dress to flow out of the car easily. Have someone help you gently bring the gown out of the car and gently lay it onto the street or pavement. For a more romantic pose, look down and admire your beautiful gown in front of you.

8. Pose Leaning On The Side Of A Classic Car

Pose Leaning On The Side Of A Classic Car

Courtesy: ridebackintime.com

This bridal portrait is beautiful and shows off so much in such a simple pose. The natural light, tall trees and black and white photography takes you back to a more easygoing time.

Once again, have the front of the car facing the photographer, showing off the cool license plate and vintage headlights. Lean your hip next to the side of the front end of the car. Have your arm bent slightly to give you some balance, but don’t lay it down on the car. With your body slightly turned at an angle, have your head and neck face the photographer straight on. Give a small smile for a cool and beautiful pose.

9. Pose With The Accessories Hanging Outside A Classic Car

Pose With The Accessories Hanging Outside A Classic Car

Courtesy: southernweddings.com

You spend a lot of time picking out your entire ensemble for your waiting day, so what not give the accessories some of their own love? Show off the shoes that most people won’t get to see anyways, or the veil that you hold in your hand for a minute before handing it off to your maid of honor!

Keep the vintage car (or in this case a truck) door open for this shot. Get comfortable in the passenger’s seat and cross your legs, letting your gown drape to the side. Rest your arm on your leg and keep your bouquet in your right hand for its own photo op. Bonus: you don’t have to worry about your hair in your face, lipstick on your teeth or accidentally blinking!

10. Pose For A Close-up Through The Window Of A Classic Car

Pose For A Close-up Through The Window Of A Classic Car

Courtesy: brideandbreakfast.ph 

This black and white bridal portrait gives off extra vintage vibes. You can see only a few details of the classic car through the framing of the window, allowing you to be the focal point of the photo instead of the car.

Have the photographer get extra close to the car for this pose and keep the windows rolled up for an extra-cool glare. Look out the window with a far-off gaze and pretend you’re about to step out towards the wedding venue. The small details like the top of the gown, your gorgeous earrings and the veil are a nice touch. If you’re wanting a close-up shot including your engagement ring, roll down the windows and put your left hand on the window sill.

11.  Pose Kicking Back In A Classic Car

Pose Kicking Back In A Classic Car

Courtesy: savvydeetsbridal.com

You’re sure to have fun with this last bridal portrait. It’s the perfect pose for a relaxed and easygoing bride. Keep the driver’s side door open and hop into the classic truck. Sit on the passenger’s side with your legs crossed and laid out in front of you across both seats. Stretch your arms out and lean back for a no-care attitude pose.

Now’s the chance to kick off your shoes or show off some fun country boots. Place your bridal bouquet on the hood of the car. This pose works especially well with a full dress. Fluff up the skirt and let it fill the small space around you.