Booking Hotels with Jetaport

“Every single part of planning a wedding is fun and exciting!” said no one ever. There are some very frustrating parts about planning your wedding and one of the most frustrating can be coordinating travel and accommodations for out of town guests and family. The guys who started Jetaport can totally understand that frustration and have created a one-stop website for you to book blocks of rooms for your wedding day! No longer do you have to call around from hotel to hotel to find available rooms- they make it easy for you!

All you have to do is visit Jetaport, select dates, location, and then wait! Within 48 hours, you’ll have deals from all of the hotels you selected all in one place on your dashboard. With Jetaport, you will have a dedicated travel advisor for you to call on with any questions during your planning process and to finalize any deals you make with the hotels. (Finally- someone is on your side!) Jetaport’s free service includes the option to electronically sign any agreements with the hotels so you don’t need to fuss with printing, scanning, or faxing them back and forth. Start to finish, they make it a piece of cake!

So, now that you know how to book a block of rooms for your wedding, here are a few tips from Jetaport on choosing the right hotels!

1. Choose 2-3 different hotels in various price ranges for your guests to book from. (This is dependent on how many guests you have. 1 hotel might be enough if you’re expecting under 20 out of town guests)

2. Choose hotels that are close to attractions or walking distance from downtown or restaurants so your guests can enjoy the town during down time.

3. Choose a courtesy block if at all possible- this will prevent you from being on-the-hook for paying for unused rooms if you don’t have guests filling each room you reserved.

Read more tips from Jetaport on reserving your block of rooms today, and get started with their free service! 

Graphic: Hannah Lee