The Best Sites to Buy a Preowned Wedding Dress

Buying a preowned wedding dress should never be a scary decision. There are tons of amazing designs to be snagged from those who have loved the gowns already. And just like with selling wedding gowns, there are some great resources to sniff out when buying a preowned dress too. Are there hidden fees? Do you get to talk to the owner? What’s the average going rate for a bridal ensemble that’s already been worn before? We’ve done the homework for you.

Below, you’ll find 6 of the best sites to buy a preowned wedding dress from. We’ve compared average prices, listings available, shipping options, and more to make your decision-making easier throughout the process.

6 of The Best Sites to Buy a Preowned Wedding Dress

Preowned Wedding Dresses

Preowned Wedding Dresses

At Preowned Wedding Dresses, buyers have the opportunity to save up to 90% of the cost of a designer dress or bridal accessories. This site is known to have the largest marketplace connecting buyers to sellers with the most listings of all its competitors.

There’s an opportunity to scour through designers, size options, and even gowns that may be local to your city. Currently, there are over 22,000 gowns to sift through.

Nearly Newlywed

Nearly Newlywed

Every wedding gown listed on Nearly Newlywed has been vetted for authenticity and current condition. Here, you can also snag a designer gown for up to 90% off retail costs – which is an absolute steal for a bride-to-be!

With over 7,000 gowns to peek at, buyers can easily use their search filters to find the perfect gown. There’s also a 5-day return policy you’ll want to take note of, just in case. It’s good to mention that there are also accessories, engagement rings, and more that you can buy from this space.


Once Wed

What’s great about Once Wed is that there are occasional coupon codes that provide buyers with even more savings! There are used gowns, sample gowns, and even new, never-been-worn gowns that over 3 million of their users have the opportunity to browse.

They have a smaller marketplace to shop in but the quality of those listings is top-notch. And the prices start from as low as a couple of hundred dollars and up.


eBay logo

eBay is always a great spot to sift through gently used items at a fraction of a cost – and that includes designer items such as gowns, veils, and more. Of course, the policies aren’t as iron-clad as some of the sites above, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find your dream dress within the platform.

There are over 200, 000 dresses in the wedding dress category that you can filter through by silhouette, price, and even size. Both individuals and businesses have a space to sell here so do your research on the seller and check out the reviews being purchasing.


Etsy logo

Etsy is known for its vintage and handmade items which means you have the opportunity to sift through one-of-a-kind and true, retro designs. Again, it’s important that you check out the Etsy “store” that you’re buying through, read through their policies, and their reviews.

Here, you’ll have hundreds of thousands of designs to sort through. But, you can narrow down your bridal gown search by vintage, handmade options, and other gently used pieces.


Stillwhite logo

Stillwhite has quite the large online bridal marketplace as well. Search silhouette or shape, designer, size, and budget and within moments you’ll be greeted with quite a variety of options. Currently, there are over 50,000 listings.

The average savings tend to be around 50% or more depending on the designer and condition. But, what makes Stillwhite even better is they check authenticity and condition before shipping.